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And like most gamers that are around, we're over the point of being able to grind for a few hours straight with RS gold a single skill. While achievements in skill are wonderful if you like the process I stopped levelling my skills after reaching the 106th level. It was too much work for an increase of +1 on the level.

It could be a mistake to go back as a nostalgic player. It will likely be the typical "If you don’t like the game, then find another one you like and start playing it" response. It's okay. It wouldn't hurt to ask for some suggestions.

Information: I'm unlikely to receive mems in the near future. It's pretty low (1k) after having bought three sets of rare armor however I do like wearing it for show :P. I have the standard items for a F2P, including full normal rune sets, and 80 statistics for Atk, Def and HP. Str is at 93. Range is 60+, Magic 72, and Str is the most powerful. Good amount of food that I bought for clan wars (mostly Tuna, a lot of uncooked Lobs), Explorers Ring 4 also included free food.

I wouldn't mind dunging if it wasn't because of the duration it takes to clear a dung, has anything changed for the dunging process since 1.5 years ago? I'd also be willing to pretending to be the gender I'm in-game, which is obviously a male ~.~), to the purpose of having fun and engaging with others.

What has changed in armour in the wake of massive changes to combat? Based on what I've seen, I have the following questions: If armour does not give bonuses to attack What incentives do I need to say in my class-appropriate armor? The new d’hide/ purple gownsand rune appear to have similar life and defense bonuses. How does that work? Is that robe as protective like the rune? What is the reason I would wear rune?

In theory, given that offensive bonuses are no longer provided through armor, I shouldn't feel any disadvantage wearing inferior armor if my task is to spot mage/archer and I'm not able to afford the best. Are you sure?

Not really an armor question For instance, Spiders are weak to crush. What can I do to identify their weaknesses in the other categories? How do i tell which element of spell is best suited to OSRS buy gold dealing with them, or what kind of ammunition I should use? Or should I completely forget about using any other weapon than melee?

What would happen if Blizzard never released TBC but instead made an expansion that was based on the foundations they WOW TBC Gold constructed in vanilla? There are foundations, like neutral pvp areas, battlegrounds as well as a chat channel known as "LocalDefense" (I had trouble connecting because I didn't have the correct name) or factions, and many more.

The expansion I'm considering is a real-life war between alliances and hordes fighting over neutral zones to get control of azeroth. There are many flights and quests while you're in control of a region. You can get quests while combating a specific area to help your faction regain control of the area. Instead of having to slay 10 raptors and then level to maximum level, you are able to be a part of the battle. Once you've gained control over your zone, you'll be able get new quests to maintain the control. The zone will shift depending on the faction that is in charge. Horde is controlling it? Alliance is home to a couple of outposts and needs to slowly push forwards. World PVP with NPCs fighting each other as well as players. Ressource transportations are secured to different zones and then protecting them from the enemies faction.

LocalDefense channel is used to announce enemy attacks on towns/outposts as well as for communication between players. Your faction can gain the resources gained from winning battlegrounds to assist in their battle effort. New battlegrounds get introduced matching the neutral zones (alterac valley = winterspring warsong = barrens, and the list goes on) You can also queue up for the battlegrounds or zones that require assistance. Your efforts in the war will enable you to acquire better equipment at any stage you can gain rank in your factionand gain access to mounts and tabards as and more gear. You can also use your professions to create items required to fight.

There's a lot more to add to this basic idea and numerous other aspects of vanilla that created an excellent basis, yet I've never had a follow-up.

This design has flaws that I'm aware. For instance, the difference in max level characters and the imbalance in factions. It makes me think about that there is a lot of potential in WoW although it was an already amazing game.

I've never heard about this and would be interested in reading more about it . I'm not sure how it works considering the previous games it was based off of however there's a lot about the development of buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold the alpha version that I've never been able to read. any idea where I could learn more about this? Ty, Cheers

Jagex might think that Runescape could be saved by adapting to other MMOs. The twist on adaptor die. The reality is that RS gold Jmods have limited options regarding whom and who they can communicate with. It's all about time, they can only talk to a few people a day. If they have any, most Jmods will only be able to communicate with only a handful of players. These relationships have been built over time and will be "Yes!" The group can do what Jmod wants. Fmods (some disguised Jmods), removing any dissent from forums.

Jagex must adapt to the new realities. Fmods are to be dropped. Fmods need to be employed full-time at Jagex in line with the highest standards. Fmods should not refer to users with the title of "you bunch" or similar. Certain Fmods are actively ruining forums.

The second is to update the forums, with more voice and more options. Allow players to ignore each other and use other tools to build relationships in the forums. The RS forums are as flexible as Facebook. This makes it easy to group. Jagex has created a number of hidden forums which has made forums inflexible and polluted them.

Let players elect 12 players to a player council that will decide on updates. A modest one, a few hundred k annually or so. You can make use of Facebook as well as Twitter to post messages to forums.

It will end years like 2012, in which Jagex refused to listen to players. Jagex's claims that 90% of players love SoF and 80% love EoC are utterly absurd were just one example. It's either you adapt or die. Talking is better, but times running out. Tick Tock Jagex.

EOC is something that I strongly support. It is amazing how technology and games continue to improve. It's been 13 years since runescape first launched. Now think about how much gaming technology and gaming has improved over the last 13 years.

Consider how many Runescape players including myself, have left to play in other MMORPGs that have a similar action bar system. Of course I am talking about World of Warcraft. Now I'm not saying runescape should be more similar to WOW, not at all however, the cheap RuneScape gold majority of moos currently adhere to the EOC-style of HCI. Why does this happen?

What's worse is that traditional era has been abandoned. I was not expecting it to keep a large population, but the Burning Crusade Classic Gold cost of the character clone fee has annihilated the number of players. New players aren't coming in because nobody wants to throw away their time and effort to get achieve a certain level. It could take a person months to get leveled, so why bother to do it if the server has stopped functioning.

Vanilla/classic WoW is such an ideal opportunity to completely reinvent WoW and build on its heritage. They could even do an OSRS departure that lets us actually anticipate new content patches. It's disappointing to see blizzard doing so little for classic WoW. The WoW community doesn't receive nearly the same attention as retail players. I am very disappointed.

Lol, Blizzard legit doesn't exist no more. It's nothing more than a shell of Activision, Bobby Kotick money taking advantage of every chance. Don't expect anything new to happen, classic + will never be able to be a reality because it will cost money and power to create. You can enjoy TBC and Wrath or maybe you'll get a SOM in the future and then stop. There's no way to make it better, and nothing else can ever be expected to occur.

It's difficult to appreciate considering the current state of the game. I can only imagine the fury of God. It's just a matter of time before blizzard tells us we can purchase gold directly from them as it's "safer" and also because they know that it's something people are looking for. I'm disgusted by everything they've done to this game. Retail and the classic. They can't erase my memories of childhood playing the game, however they will not be able of taking that away.

In a perfect world, blizzard would crack down on third-party gold selling websites , and ban any player who uses those platforms. They would also not integrate their own gold for cash shop like in retail, something they'll always do. Character increase is also a challenge for the economy. Although it does not help any profession, it provides players everything they require. It is evident in the botting issue, however, it doesn't enhance any profession. What will you do?

They're not making enough money. The reason is not because they cannot afford it. This has become a cash grab game that requires hands-on and spoon-feeding.

SOM will suffer similar fate to classical because of minor changes. Their "first step" isn't good enough. There are plenty of minor changes that take minutes to implement that could lead to huge changes that create an exceptional experience. It's simple to say that there buy WOW TBC Gold is no ambition in blizzard anymore. So, an OP posts of dissatisfaction exist.

The voice actors are all phony in, and the animations of the characters are embarrassing. There are even some Madden nfl 22 coins unfinished parts of the voice acting where characters appear to be talking, but there's no noise.

There are some problems concerning the movements, for instance the dreadful kick meter lag however there are some exciting additions. There two new techniques that, side hurl and dead leg, help to take on defense more effectively than in previous games, as well as increasing the number of ways that the defense miss. Thanks to these moves, the gameplay is slightly less monotonous this is something was desperately needed by the game.

The Franchise mode has been completely overlooked and is remarkably like last year's Madden. EA has not even attempted to alter the mode's layout. If this is a mode which made Madden players become enthralled with It's worth purchasing the upgraded version.

This section of the game has been almost unchanged for the last two years and it's a big slap on the face of players who purchased the game. It's sneaky tactics like this that make a large portion of EA games in the sports genre so terrible.

Many of the series' problems on the field have been solved really well. The run defense was difficult to stop in the last seasons entry. But it has improved over tenfold in the last ten years. Open field tackles are animated more efficiently and feature less absurd tackles. They made their opponents appear as superheroes that were flying across the air. Basic movements can be executed using the correct stick, meaning that avoiding opponents becomes much more natural than before. It results in a smoother and more comfortable running.

This game is among the problematic of the Madden series. It's an enormous issue considering that the game had player heads that were not visible and massive glitches that made massive lines to appear on the screen, as if players were watching in an old plasma. One of the most frustrating aspects of this continuous sequence of glitches, is the fact that it causes problems with the gameplay. When a framerate drops after a set time it can cause players to miss a catch or kick.

There's absolutely no doubt, that what will being the biggest difference between NFL 22 and NFL 20 is the advancement of the graphics. It's as if the players are actually watching a game when the zoomed-out camera expands. The character models of characters are so detailed , they look like cutting-edge even while the sideline characters look similar to PS2 NPCs.

Be clear, it's an EA game, and EA games will work exactly as they are expected. It's normal to see micro transactions in games however, it's off-putting when they're placed in the cheap Mut 22 coins faces of players and occupying all menus. The game is difficult in its slowness, sluggishness, and bores you with no spending any money.

It's normal. It's not possible to compete with AOE. Many people today look at everything as the most efficient parsing circle jerks available which is why it's irrelevant. You could become a successful DPS tank, and then switch to DPS with bosses. It is possible to speak WOW TBC Gold exclusively Parse and BiS in the mainline now. They will take 10 minutes longer to take on a fight that was made more difficult due to the utility.

Feral will not bear any animal, which is rather like being a troll. They have the their crit buff, and they can even innervate. Rogue can only be effective only if they are the only raider and have decent IEA uptime.

Guild wants me to be a Boomkin for the time being. I am currently working to build my Boomie set. I was previously focused on Resto and that set was exactly what I wanted. I've constructed the set from heroic drops, raid discards reputation purchases and badge purchases. This is particularly important when it comes to HSP. The other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I'm late to the party, but I'll probably never be able to finish it in this manner.

You will get the glaives prior to reaching level 70. After that, you'll have to complete long-running daily quests, dungeon runs, battlegrounds, and every week Kara runs to increase the level of power that your warglaives have as time passes, and then include a catch up mechanic once BT launches , which accelerates every other player's progress until the same level that you ground the whole expansion for

the Horseman's Steed did the same. Although it was not available until Halloween, and was a rather rare release. (though I prefer the Horseman's Steed, since I don't like the Horse with Wings models. The Legion Paladin charger is one of the only other horse-like mounts that does not use the Winged Horse model (the Wind Steed is another one, though it may not be the style you're after)).

They're not memorable because you didn't accomplish anything to earn them. You can purchase the most desirable mount in the game with credit card, or dedicate a large portion in the cheap WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold process of obtaining another recolored bird. Put your time and earn rewards by purchasing store mounts. They are more work than you can expect, but they are worth it.

NBA Playgrounds was originally created to 2k22 mt be similar to other arcade basketball games such like NBA Jam and NBA Streets. It is a game with a roster of both present and former NBA stars. You can build your roster of stars by using different packs available within the game. The packs can be found through various game modes in NBA Playgrounds. The game's release received mixed response, and was widely criticized for the slow speed of the single-player mode, and also for poor drops from the cards in the packs.

NBA Playgrounds got a sequel after it was able to gain enough popularity. After a lengthy wait it was finally released in 2018. It was similar to the first game, but with some adjustments and improvements. There were numerous enhancements, like improved matchmaking on the internet and new playground options. In spite of all the enhancements and improvements, the game has been heavily criticized due to its aggressive microtransactions, which are fast becoming a hallmark of modern sports games.

One of the more recent entries in the NBA 2K lineup, NBA 2K20 comes with a wide range of brand new settings that are customizable to the game modes. The game allows players to create six teams in the game modes MyLeague or MyGM. They can also be relocated whenever the player desires. It is also the first time the games have the WNBA teams playing in the game. But, NBA 2K20 was also much criticized due to its excessive use of microtransactions on the MyTeam game mode.

NBA 2K19 was the first title in the series to not be available on the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. NBA 2K19 is also the first game in the series in which there is a CBA Mandarin Chinese option for the commentaries of the game's career mode.

The game received much criticism despite the fact it provided many improvements to gameplay in comparison to its predecessor. Like its predecessors microtransactions left an unpleasant impression on many players' mouths , resulting in widespread criticism. Kobe Bryant was the cover protagonist for the series' eleventh installment, which was the first game of its kind to launch on the PSP. NBA 2K10 included the wildly popular MyPlayer as well as Association modes Both of which were later to be featured in many of the franchise's future entries.

Although the game received positive reviews, players were dissatisfied by the online game options as well as some glitches that cheap mt nba 2k22 could lead to a slow frame rate. Some also criticized the game's A.I., with opposition teams and players sometimes acting unnaturally, which led to some hilarious moments.

The linemen in real football should adjust the Madden nfl 22 coins way they block depending on the situation. But it's always been the case offensive linemen go down in the same manner. Madden NFL 22's transition to the next generation has seen some improvements, however it's still an important aspect of the game that needs to be addressed.

Many Madden players who have played the mode for a long time think that Franchise mode can be more enjoyable. There are many ways to enhance the experience however one of the simplest is to make the transaction wire bit more authentic. Franchises can't be controlled by players. make a lot of decisions regarding who they sign or trade during the course of the season. Although this could have advantages for the player, it may make it less realistic this simulation as a realistic one. Intelligent AI can make all the difference.

Presentation matters and according to Madden players, EA has not done an excellent job of giving players the ability to change to the surroundings of the game. Neither has it made games look authentic visually even with nicer graphics. The sides can look absurd, with oddly shaped people in football pads making the same actions over and again. Similar behavior can be seen in the crowd. It would be interesting to see the crowd move more within the stadium, or at the very least cause movement.

It's high time to enhance the Super Bowl video game. While the announcers try to make the game more exciting by showing how significant the match will be in the pregame, the actual game never feels like the actual Super Bowl. The absence of top-quality broadcasts and some of the Super Bowl aesthetics like the patches and logo leaving some things to be desired make it appear to be a glorified exhibition match rather than one of the most significant matches of a player's life.

One of the most interesting aspects introduced to the Madden games in recent years is the narrative mode called Face of the Franchise. Although the game has offered many interesting ideas throughout the years, it's trying to reach its full potential.

The most recent version includes the ability to design their own characters, and play at both high school and college levels. The game could be even better as it allows players to play the full season at lower levels prior to moving into Franchise mode which is basically the same thing but with more plot.

Some time ago Franchise Mode's simulation engine was introduced to players. It wasn't very popular with the fans. Many felt it was just a way to provide players with "boosts" however it could be utilized to assist them in making important decisions that could be detrimental to their career. Invoking scenarios that players will need to think about could be an extremely beneficial feature if executed correctly. Rather than focus on rewarding players with benefits for their stats, allow it to be the case that the choice made will affect the way the season goes. For example the cheap Madden 22 coins way a player can handle a smaller workload or suffering from an injury in order to be healthy.

Even though Ike is not a Marth clone, I think that Animal Crossing Items it can be hard for total casuals who've only played them to articulate what makes them different. I believe Sakurai realized that, which is why he decided to go with Robin since the brand new FE rep for Smash 4 rather than Chrom and none of the non-echo FE characters have depended entirely on sword moves since then.

The shift to elderly Ike in Smash4 additionally helped to distinguish him Marth. I truly don't know why they made youthful Ike the default in Ultimate (although I personally like his youthful layout better).

Forum-style is honestly better in certain ways. I really hate how smash information is now distributed in various twitter threads where you have to follow the ideal number of people to even get and you also can't read or get decent longform discussion. Searching for old information on twitter is also a massive pain in the ass.

I was around when the Brawl dojo was something and recall a great deal of the negativity from Brawl's hayday. The biggest turnaround for me has ever been Subspace, it was widely loathed back in the day but today it seems hot.

Folks are always the same but the context varies. Back then, we did not have the history of nintendo and nintendo universes clashing because we do now. Back then people will see the two entirely different genres and also be reluctant about cross overs. Of course we see it as absurd now but perhaps back then we'd see it with care.

Something you'll notice very fast in the event that you seem is that it was never about the swords, they simply needed their sword fighter. The clearest case in point is people pleading for Dante because he's a cool edgy character and setting down the sword fighters we all get since they're anime, which is bad and lame because it's anime.

As a Dante supporter, I really dont like that he is the move to option for everyone to call a"swordfighter". Yes he has a sword, but it is not his only method of fighting; he uses guns, transforms into a fanatic, even has a motorcycle and guitar, etc.. He is far more diverse than every swordfighter we have gotten (including Byleth, which they at least tried and made her an actually distinctive fighter). Just like 5 of his moves utilize the sword, all of his various weapons have roughly equivalent use. Dante is far beyond being a swordfighter, also would be an excellent and very unique character in Smash.

I believe that the best case of the swordfighter double standard is Sora. He is one of the most well-known requests the Buy Nook Miles Ticket world over, and he's a quintessential arcade sword boy.