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Even though Ike is not a Marth clone, I think that Animal Crossing Items it can be hard for total casuals who've only played them to articulate what makes them different. I believe Sakurai realized that, which is why he decided to go with Robin since the brand new FE rep for Smash 4 rather than Chrom and none of the non-echo FE characters have depended entirely on sword moves since then.

The shift to elderly Ike in Smash4 additionally helped to distinguish him Marth. I truly don't know why they made youthful Ike the default in Ultimate (although I personally like his youthful layout better).

Forum-style is honestly better in certain ways. I really hate how smash information is now distributed in various twitter threads where you have to follow the ideal number of people to even get and you also can't read or get decent longform discussion. Searching for old information on twitter is also a massive pain in the ass.

I was around when the Brawl dojo was something and recall a great deal of the negativity from Brawl's hayday. The biggest turnaround for me has ever been Subspace, it was widely loathed back in the day but today it seems hot.

Folks are always the same but the context varies. Back then, we did not have the history of nintendo and nintendo universes clashing because we do now. Back then people will see the two entirely different genres and also be reluctant about cross overs. Of course we see it as absurd now but perhaps back then we'd see it with care.

Something you'll notice very fast in the event that you seem is that it was never about the swords, they simply needed their sword fighter. The clearest case in point is people pleading for Dante because he's a cool edgy character and setting down the sword fighters we all get since they're anime, which is bad and lame because it's anime.

As a Dante supporter, I really dont like that he is the move to option for everyone to call a"swordfighter". Yes he has a sword, but it is not his only method of fighting; he uses guns, transforms into a fanatic, even has a motorcycle and guitar, etc.. He is far more diverse than every swordfighter we have gotten (including Byleth, which they at least tried and made her an actually distinctive fighter). Just like 5 of his moves utilize the sword, all of his various weapons have roughly equivalent use. Dante is far beyond being a swordfighter, also would be an excellent and very unique character in Smash.

I believe that the best case of the swordfighter double standard is Sora. He is one of the most well-known requests the Buy Nook Miles Ticket world over, and he's a quintessential arcade sword boy.