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And like most gamers that are around, we're over the point of being able to grind for a few hours straight with RS gold a single skill. While achievements in skill are wonderful if you like the process I stopped levelling my skills after reaching the 106th level. It was too much work for an increase of +1 on the level.

It could be a mistake to go back as a nostalgic player. It will likely be the typical "If you don’t like the game, then find another one you like and start playing it" response. It's okay. It wouldn't hurt to ask for some suggestions.

Information: I'm unlikely to receive mems in the near future. It's pretty low (1k) after having bought three sets of rare armor however I do like wearing it for show :P. I have the standard items for a F2P, including full normal rune sets, and 80 statistics for Atk, Def and HP. Str is at 93. Range is 60+, Magic 72, and Str is the most powerful. Good amount of food that I bought for clan wars (mostly Tuna, a lot of uncooked Lobs), Explorers Ring 4 also included free food.

I wouldn't mind dunging if it wasn't because of the duration it takes to clear a dung, has anything changed for the dunging process since 1.5 years ago? I'd also be willing to pretending to be the gender I'm in-game, which is obviously a male ~.~), to the purpose of having fun and engaging with others.

What has changed in armour in the wake of massive changes to combat? Based on what I've seen, I have the following questions: If armour does not give bonuses to attack What incentives do I need to say in my class-appropriate armor? The new d’hide/ purple gownsand rune appear to have similar life and defense bonuses. How does that work? Is that robe as protective like the rune? What is the reason I would wear rune?

In theory, given that offensive bonuses are no longer provided through armor, I shouldn't feel any disadvantage wearing inferior armor if my task is to spot mage/archer and I'm not able to afford the best. Are you sure?

Not really an armor question For instance, Spiders are weak to crush. What can I do to identify their weaknesses in the other categories? How do i tell which element of spell is best suited to OSRS buy gold dealing with them, or what kind of ammunition I should use? Or should I completely forget about using any other weapon than melee?

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By Weiweismart
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