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Jagex might think that Runescape could be saved by adapting to other MMOs. The twist on adaptor die. The reality is that RS gold Jmods have limited options regarding whom and who they can communicate with. It's all about time, they can only talk to a few people a day. If they have any, most Jmods will only be able to communicate with only a handful of players. These relationships have been built over time and will be "Yes!" The group can do what Jmod wants. Fmods (some disguised Jmods), removing any dissent from forums.

Jagex must adapt to the new realities. Fmods are to be dropped. Fmods need to be employed full-time at Jagex in line with the highest standards. Fmods should not refer to users with the title of "you bunch" or similar. Certain Fmods are actively ruining forums.

The second is to update the forums, with more voice and more options. Allow players to ignore each other and use other tools to build relationships in the forums. The RS forums are as flexible as Facebook. This makes it easy to group. Jagex has created a number of hidden forums which has made forums inflexible and polluted them.

Let players elect 12 players to a player council that will decide on updates. A modest one, a few hundred k annually or so. You can make use of Facebook as well as Twitter to post messages to forums.

It will end years like 2012, in which Jagex refused to listen to players. Jagex's claims that 90% of players love SoF and 80% love EoC are utterly absurd were just one example. It's either you adapt or die. Talking is better, but times running out. Tick Tock Jagex.

EOC is something that I strongly support. It is amazing how technology and games continue to improve. It's been 13 years since runescape first launched. Now think about how much gaming technology and gaming has improved over the last 13 years.

Consider how many Runescape players including myself, have left to play in other MMORPGs that have a similar action bar system. Of course I am talking about World of Warcraft. Now I'm not saying runescape should be more similar to WOW, not at all however, the cheap RuneScape gold majority of moos currently adhere to the EOC-style of HCI. Why does this happen?

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By Weiweismart
Added Oct 18 '21



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