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What would happen if Blizzard never released TBC but instead made an expansion that was based on the foundations they WOW TBC Gold constructed in vanilla? There are foundations, like neutral pvp areas, battlegrounds as well as a chat channel known as "LocalDefense" (I had trouble connecting because I didn't have the correct name) or factions, and many more.

The expansion I'm considering is a real-life war between alliances and hordes fighting over neutral zones to get control of azeroth. There are many flights and quests while you're in control of a region. You can get quests while combating a specific area to help your faction regain control of the area. Instead of having to slay 10 raptors and then level to maximum level, you are able to be a part of the battle. Once you've gained control over your zone, you'll be able get new quests to maintain the control. The zone will shift depending on the faction that is in charge. Horde is controlling it? Alliance is home to a couple of outposts and needs to slowly push forwards. World PVP with NPCs fighting each other as well as players. Ressource transportations are secured to different zones and then protecting them from the enemies faction.

LocalDefense channel is used to announce enemy attacks on towns/outposts as well as for communication between players. Your faction can gain the resources gained from winning battlegrounds to assist in their battle effort. New battlegrounds get introduced matching the neutral zones (alterac valley = winterspring warsong = barrens, and the list goes on) You can also queue up for the battlegrounds or zones that require assistance. Your efforts in the war will enable you to acquire better equipment at any stage you can gain rank in your factionand gain access to mounts and tabards as and more gear. You can also use your professions to create items required to fight.

There's a lot more to add to this basic idea and numerous other aspects of vanilla that created an excellent basis, yet I've never had a follow-up.

This design has flaws that I'm aware. For instance, the difference in max level characters and the imbalance in factions. It makes me think about that there is a lot of potential in WoW although it was an already amazing game.

I've never heard about this and would be interested in reading more about it . I'm not sure how it works considering the previous games it was based off of however there's a lot about the development of buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold the alpha version that I've never been able to read. any idea where I could learn more about this? Ty, Cheers

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By Weiweismart
Added Oct 24 '21



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