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What's worse is that traditional era has been abandoned. I was not expecting it to keep a large population, but the Burning Crusade Classic Gold cost of the character clone fee has annihilated the number of players. New players aren't coming in because nobody wants to throw away their time and effort to get achieve a certain level. It could take a person months to get leveled, so why bother to do it if the server has stopped functioning.

Vanilla/classic WoW is such an ideal opportunity to completely reinvent WoW and build on its heritage. They could even do an OSRS departure that lets us actually anticipate new content patches. It's disappointing to see blizzard doing so little for classic WoW. The WoW community doesn't receive nearly the same attention as retail players. I am very disappointed.

Lol, Blizzard legit doesn't exist no more. It's nothing more than a shell of Activision, Bobby Kotick money taking advantage of every chance. Don't expect anything new to happen, classic + will never be able to be a reality because it will cost money and power to create. You can enjoy TBC and Wrath or maybe you'll get a SOM in the future and then stop. There's no way to make it better, and nothing else can ever be expected to occur.

It's difficult to appreciate considering the current state of the game. I can only imagine the fury of God. It's just a matter of time before blizzard tells us we can purchase gold directly from them as it's "safer" and also because they know that it's something people are looking for. I'm disgusted by everything they've done to this game. Retail and the classic. They can't erase my memories of childhood playing the game, however they will not be able of taking that away.

In a perfect world, blizzard would crack down on third-party gold selling websites , and ban any player who uses those platforms. They would also not integrate their own gold for cash shop like in retail, something they'll always do. Character increase is also a challenge for the economy. Although it does not help any profession, it provides players everything they require. It is evident in the botting issue, however, it doesn't enhance any profession. What will you do?

They're not making enough money. The reason is not because they cannot afford it. This has become a cash grab game that requires hands-on and spoon-feeding.

SOM will suffer similar fate to classical because of minor changes. Their "first step" isn't good enough. There are plenty of minor changes that take minutes to implement that could lead to huge changes that create an exceptional experience. It's simple to say that there buy WOW TBC Gold is no ambition in blizzard anymore. So, an OP posts of dissatisfaction exist.

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By Weiweismart
Added Oct 14 '21



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