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Some time ago, some Reddit players’ complaints against Reddit were combined with a doomsday blog to depict the terrible picture of the New World game economy. The “currency crisis” in the game led to a vicious circle of deflation. There are simply not enough funds in the game to support stable economic activities, forcing all prices to fall and raising the value of New World Coins so high that players have to barter to get items and resources. Other players have bought New World Coins to make themselves richer.

Each New World server is essentially its own unique economy, so this problem is quite common. For players who encounter it, the sharp drop in the prices of in-game items means that there is basically no realistic way to make money through the profession, because it is practically impossible to sell their things. The value of Amazon New World Coins has skyrocketed because of limited supply, so fixed-cost expenditures, such as repairing equipment or paying taxes, may suddenly become out of reach. And because New World does not have NPC merchants, Amazon has no easy way to adjust costs by implementing minimum prices.

But obviously Amazon believes it is not needed, anyway. Developer Zin_Ramu stated that the in-game economy is “operating within acceptable levels”. Despite reports, all servers actually generate more money than deleted money, which is “a big gap”. As the player enters the final stage of New Wolrd, the surplus will decrease, but it has not yet reached the point where direct action is required. Players are constantly generating positive New World Gold balances every day, but there is a downward trend. If this trend continues and they are getting closer and closer to negative in and out, they will take action. More players are preparing to Buy New World Coins to increase their wealth.

Redditor Vettlen said that Amazon Games bet this will be a very fun game mode, because it provides many Azoth, Gold and unlimited Gear Score loot. He believes that when the Outpost peak is available, players will see more 60-level purchase materials, which will help normalize the economy. According to achievement statistics, 8.3% of New World players have reached the full level. If players want to upgrade quickly, they can prepare enough New World Coins.
New World will implement the 1.0.4 patch recently. To the delight of players, it will bring two desired features to the game. This patch not only allows players to choose to transfer the server again but also to play the endgame PvP mode Outpost Rush, which was disabled shortly after it released the game. So if players want to have a better gaming experience, they should prepare enough New World Coins in advance.

For similar reasons, errors, and vulnerabilities, both features are disabled. For Outpost Rush, there is a problem that makes players get stuck between instances and cannot play the game at all. When the server transfer went live in the previous patch, some players could use an error to replicate gold with the game. This is frustrating for many players. No one wants to encounter various bugs when they are excited to play the game, although some players have bought RPG New World Coins to make themselves easier in the game.

Other changes implemented in Patch 1.0.4 include the removal of Everfall’s starting beach from the game so that players have a greater chance of starting at the same location as their friends. It also includes a repair to the House of Representatives taxation system and an increase in the upper limit of faction tokens. This will be able to increase the game experience of players. It can be seen that the developers are working hard to make New World more perfect. Players are also actively Buy New World Coins to enhance their strength.

This patch also has a bunch of bug fixes that should help the stability of the game and other issues players encountered during the Aeternum adventure. In the game, players may encounter various difficulties or encounter various embarrassing situations. In these situations, players can easily face it with Buy New World Coins. Because it turns out that New World Coins are the most useful existence in most cases. Come on!

EA has released the latest list update for Madden 22 and adjusted the ratings of the players in the game based on their performance in real life. The highlight of the ratings update in week 6 is the slight increase in Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry. They have increased whose overall rating from 97 to 98. This is a small increase, but it is well deserved. To be honest, Henry must be a member of the 99 club in Madden 22. All players who love it should prepare enough MUT 22 Coins to get it.

Derrick Henry is undoubtedly the best running back in the NFL. After sprinting for over 2,000 yards last year, Henry had a huge start in 2021. In six games, Henry has rushed out of the league’s leading 783 yards and 10 touchdowns. Henry benefited from the regular season play-offs, but he also approached the record with 2,027 yards last season. If Henry stays healthy and continues to follow this trajectory, he will become the first running back in his career to sprint over 2,000 yards twice in a season. Every fan wants to spend Madden 22 Coins to get it.

EA’s initial rating aroused the outrage of fans, who believed that Henry should not only become the most highly rated defender but also a member of the 99 club. Henry’s rating increased from 96 to 97, and his dribble score also increased to 98. So players can buy MUT 22 Coins to buy it to increase their strength.

What makes Henry’s climb to Club 99 so frustrating is how long it took him. EA had no problem raising Tom Brady and Justin Tucker to 99 after a record-breaking game, even though their time at Club 99 was only a limited time to commemorate their achievements. If EA wants Henry to join the 99 club, it seems to be permanent. Derrick Henry rushed for more than 100 yards in five consecutive games. In the game, players owning him will increase the chances of winning the game, so it is necessary for them to buy Madden 22 Coins.

It has well received New World since its release, and the game’s rapid popularity is due to word of mouth and features on platforms such as Twitch, which helped New World top the Steam rankings. Many players have also Buy New World Coins to make it easier in the game. Despite the popularity of New World, it is not flawless. In the first few days of its release, it encountered a lot of server-related problems. Because the server was difficult to control the population surge, it queued players in many queues. Currently, the game is experiencing in-game economic issues, which is because of gold duplication glitch, which Amazon currently prohibits New World players from using. Although not that bad, one player highlighted a strange movement-based glitch.

On the New World subReddit, a player posted a short video showing their character moving in an area called Hecker’s Haven. However, unlike the normal running animation, the characters seem to slide along the ground in a pose, which shows that they are about to swing their great axe at the enemy. With their front legs twitching, this character definitely zooms on the beach much faster than normal running animations. This has aroused the interest of many players who have already bought New World Coins.

When fans found the video very interesting and spawned many Great Axe weapon memes, the comment section lit up. Others confirmed the New World malfunction. They experienced it themselves, but couldn’t replicate it. Some people seem to know how it happens, and some say that switching to a different instance when performing a movement ability like dodge a rolling ball on uneven ground triggers this failure. In the end, this seems very contextual. But more players will choose to buy New World Coins to improve their skills quickly.

Sports have always been a topic of discussion in the New World community and its large map called Aeternum. From the beginning, Amazon clarified that New World fans have only two options to travel through the landscape. Naturally, running from one destination to another, although not ideal in all situations, it is the most basic way of travel, although New World allows players to travel quickly, provided it registered them in a hotel in the town. Players can also buy New World Coins to enhance their strength and achieve the purpose of fast travel.

A New World player reached the level limit without joining a faction, sparking a debate about what should be done for players without faction. Since its successful launch, New World’s popularity has been incredible, and while some players have complained about the limitations of the game, others are looking for ways to take advantage of them, or at least make encountering them fun. Many players buy New World Coins to upgrade themselves quickly, and an indecisive player recently upgraded himself to level 60, which is the current level limit of New World, but has never joined any faction. This seems to have had some quite important effects on their game process.

Redditor TheBrotado shared screenshots of their resume, showing the names of their characters, their titles as Exalted Elder, and their grayed-out resumes. The biography requires TheBrotado not to join one of the three factions of the New World in order to continue their story, which shows that they do not have any faction. A user said that the New World faction can be compared with the Fallout series' Brotherhood of Steel research division, combat division, and religious division, which may explain why some players are upset about militarism and religious fanaticism. However, TheBrotado did observe that they decided not to contact the game's factions, which prevented them from obtaining Azoth Staff, which could only be obtained through main missions that they could not unlock. Players can also Buy New World Coins in the mission.

TheBrotado joked that their indecision stems from the inability to choose between green, yellow and purple, and said that they are waiting for a blue-themed faction to appear. In fact, as long as players buy New World Coins, whether they join a faction or not, their game will be easier. Another user added that they wanted neutrality to be an effective option with their own storyline, but was disappointed. Being neutral will actually prevent access to future missions and New World's PvP system. The third user expressed his desire to see neutral players become mercenaries and temporarily cooperate with any faction, which allows them to participate in PvP and advance the main story mission.

It seems that many other New World fans sympathize with neutral players and are considering ways to involve them in the parts of the game they currently miss. One possibility is that New World lets the guild decide the faction instead of letting individual players decide. If they don't like the way things work, this may allow the entire guild to jump from the faction immediately. It can also allow for more dynamic, player-driven factions. In any case, Buy New World Coins can enable players to upgrade quickly.
The new updated version 1.0.3 of New World brings server transfers. Developers know they are important, but they choose gameplay features as their startup priority. It will transfer soon them, and the feature is already in progress. The server transfer function is being launched in a “secure incremental method”, so it is currently being tested on servers in the AP Southeast region. If there is no catastrophic event, Amazon Games will enable it in all regions. Players who are interested can Buy New World Coins in advance.

Once the players have skipped the various small circles, it will transfer their characters with complete progress (levels, weapon mastery, titles, etc.), their inventory, storage, New World Coins, task progress, and houses and decorations. . Obviously, things like company members and friend lists will not be transferred. Players cannot use role transfer to have two roles on the same server.

Most notably, Amazon Games will set a price for this in the future. All players will get a character transfer token for free, and there may be more, but it is best for players to use it wisely. Amazon Games stated it will require additional tokens to transfer again. Their team will continue to monitor the world population, queue time, and will evaluate whether it needs to issue additional server transfer tokens for free. After determining that the player has enough time to find a suitable server for them, they will later provide a server transfer token that can be purchased in the store. When the token is changed to a paid service, they will notify in advance. In order to make the game easier, players had better buy New World Coins in advance.

This update provides all players with two new freebies related to the initial issue of the long queue: the player title “The Stoic” (used to “show firmness in the face of epic waiting times” Determination") and “Waiting” emoticons. In addition, there are a lot of minor changes. These include minor UI adjustments, back-end changes to help the Amazon gaming team investigate client-side performance issues in War, some adjustments to the RNGesus on the box, and so on. Interested players can buy New World Coins to experience it.
Amazon Game Studios released New World 1.0.3 version, and brought many bug fixes and changes. Perhaps the most significant change is that players can now transfer progress between servers. The developer of the game also rewarded players with some new in-game items through the release of the game to reward their patience. At present, all players will find that the title “The Stoic” has been added as an option that can be equipped. A free “waiting” emoticon has also been added to the game store. Players can prepare enough New World Coins to experience the improved New World.

In this update, the developer implemented the last part of the server transfer framework and added improvements to the world selection UI. Added clearer messages when players are kicked out for AFK or EAC violations. Added clearer information when stacking discounts exist, such as faction discounts for territorial prestige and property taxes. Adjusted the rebirth timers of Boatswain Ambrose and various other elite enemies around the world. In the Abyss, players must now be in the arena to damage Thorpe. When players try to New World Coins Buy to buy their own items at the trading station, an error message will now appear.

Restored the chest/loot changes in update 1.0.2, which caused too many refined reagents to roll from the treasure chest. Adjusted the volume of the Amazon game startup screen. It limited each piece of armor to 1 skill bonus. General performance improvements for visual artifacts and graphics settings have been added. The dye will now be removed from the item and it will display a warning message when trading. The “Declaration Time” timer is now visually determined when the invasion is about to occur, but has not been scheduled. After the invasion, the territory is still in conflict and can declare war. So most players will buy New World Coins while they can survive the battle.

Fixed an issue with T4 and T5 azoth staff. Fixed an issue that caused the abandonment of event notifications to persist. Fixed the house UI issue. The user interface will now correctly display that the property tax depends on the full price of the house and is not affected by the first-time buyer discount. Fixed early game generation. A settlement replaced the watchtower spawn point after it was discovered. After choosing to respawn in a settlement, players no longer mistakenly respawn in the watchtower. Fixed various localization issues in the entire game. Before experiencing it, players had better prepare some New World Coins at IGGM.
The New World server transfer feature that many players are looking forward to has been postponed until next week. Amazon Game Studios admitted the feature has been delayed again. Amazon’s new world of MMO has been a tremendous success, even Jeff Bezos himself said so. But as a result, the game’s server has been overwhelmed by players. Many players are flocking to explore and New World Coins Buy in the game to make themselves outstanding.

Amazon has opened up more servers, but those early adopters, the biggest fans of New World, are currently stuck on crowded servers. Amazon promised to provide players with free server transfer options, initially planned for the first week of October. It was then postponed to last week, and now the team has announced that it will be complete next week. Players have prepared enough New World Coins to explore different areas, but this result is disappointing.

The New World team stated that this is a call to respect the balance between the expected date they told the players and the interruption of peak deployment. The developers have been working hard and working non-stop every day to get the feature up and running, but don’t want to release it around the weekend, because this will cause more problems such as downtime and server balance changes. Although the developers have already said so, many players can only wait. The most important thing now is to buy New World Coins to accumulate your own experience.

Although New World’s current reviews on Steam are mostly positive, it still has many problems, such as complete servers and classic MMO games, such as gold farmers and robot accounts. So players hope this feature can come soon. But remember, players will only get one move for free, it cannot go to another area. Prior to this, players had better prepare enough New World Coins to face this challenging task easily.
In New World, players found a huge loophole, this kind of potential game-damaging loophole is very easy to use, which brings a huge problem. For players, this loophole has brought them a not-so-good gaming experience. Some players buy New World Coins to make themselves easier, but this loophole makes people feel uncomfortable.

New World is a game that focuses on playing PvP and PvE. Every player wants to be invincible in the world. Unfortunately, even players who buy New World Coins cannot protect themselves from enemy damage. But now there is a loophole in the game. Players can use this loophole to achieve an invincible state. It is very simple to use, which also makes players eagerly hope that Amazon can fix this bug soon.

A New World player shared his experience of exploiting this vulnerability and urged Amazon to fix it immediately. All players need to do is play the game in window mode and use the mouse to drag the window to achieve invincibility. Holding the window game will make the player invincible damage. Although they may not be harmed during this period, once let go, they will gain all the damage accumulated when using this vulnerability. Even in this case, there are some situations worth taking advantage of. This invincible state is an effect that many players can't achieve even if they New World Coins Buy to purchase equipment.

Obviously, from all aspects of the game, especially the PvP mode, this is a big problem. When other players arrive to support a lone soldier who can be resurrected, they can use it to stay alive. Since this is such a large and potentially game-breaking problem, Amazon may implement a patch in the future to solve this problem. For the benefit of the players, their best hope is that Amazon will solve this loophole as soon as possible. Then in the later game, they can prepare enough New World Coins to enhance their strength. Although they cannot reach the invincible state, for some effective equipment, it can reduce the damage the players receive.
Since the launch of New World a few weeks ago, players have worked hard in New World and prepared enough New World Coins to improve themselves quickly. Amazon stated that its first task is to launch a server transfer feature that allows players to jump into other worlds instead of being locked in the first world of their choice. This will enable players to no longer be confined to one world and be able to experience unique pleasures.

Amazon said they kept it until next week, when it will eventually drop. They stated that they have tested the last part of the server transmission system and are ready, but they kept it until next week. This is a call to respect the balance between the dates they tell the players to expect and the deployment interruptions during peak periods (weekends). They are constantly researching this feature every day, but releasing it now means downtime, changing server balance based on transfer, wars that may not be possible because of different lists, and so on. So players can wait for a while and buy New World Coins to make their game easier.

One of the major problems with the upcoming server transfer feature is that it returns to what Amazon originally said that players can transfer between world regions, but this is not the case now. Players can only transfer within their region, east of North America. NA West et al. This is a big problem because it is a gulf separating many groups, but there is no word on whether this will happen one day. Players can still explore in their own world. If there are difficulties, they can New World Coins Buy to solve the problem easily.

In any case, it should eventually launch this server transfer feature within the next week, and it is likely to arrive here before Friday, because they don’t want to do it in the highest transaction volume part of the week. Players can wait and buy New World Coins to improve themselves more quickly to get the best gaming experience.
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