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It has well received New World since its release, and the game’s rapid popularity is due to word of mouth and features on platforms such as Twitch, which helped New World top the Steam rankings. Many players have also Buy New World Coins to make it easier in the game. Despite the popularity of New World, it is not flawless. In the first few days of its release, it encountered a lot of server-related problems. Because the server was difficult to control the population surge, it queued players in many queues. Currently, the game is experiencing in-game economic issues, which is because of gold duplication glitch, which Amazon currently prohibits New World players from using. Although not that bad, one player highlighted a strange movement-based glitch.

On the New World subReddit, a player posted a short video showing their character moving in an area called Hecker’s Haven. However, unlike the normal running animation, the characters seem to slide along the ground in a pose, which shows that they are about to swing their great axe at the enemy. With their front legs twitching, this character definitely zooms on the beach much faster than normal running animations. This has aroused the interest of many players who have already bought New World Coins.

When fans found the video very interesting and spawned many Great Axe weapon memes, the comment section lit up. Others confirmed the New World malfunction. They experienced it themselves, but couldn’t replicate it. Some people seem to know how it happens, and some say that switching to a different instance when performing a movement ability like dodge a rolling ball on uneven ground triggers this failure. In the end, this seems very contextual. But more players will choose to buy New World Coins to improve their skills quickly.

Sports have always been a topic of discussion in the New World community and its large map called Aeternum. From the beginning, Amazon clarified that New World fans have only two options to travel through the landscape. Naturally, running from one destination to another, although not ideal in all situations, it is the most basic way of travel, although New World allows players to travel quickly, provided it registered them in a hotel in the town. Players can also buy New World Coins to enhance their strength and achieve the purpose of fast travel.

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