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The new updated version 1.0.3 of New World brings server transfers. Developers know they are important, but they choose gameplay features as their startup priority. It will transfer soon them, and the feature is already in progress. The server transfer function is being launched in a “secure incremental method”, so it is currently being tested on servers in the AP Southeast region. If there is no catastrophic event, Amazon Games will enable it in all regions. Players who are interested can Buy New World Coins in advance.

Once the players have skipped the various small circles, it will transfer their characters with complete progress (levels, weapon mastery, titles, etc.), their inventory, storage, New World Coins, task progress, and houses and decorations. . Obviously, things like company members and friend lists will not be transferred. Players cannot use role transfer to have two roles on the same server.

Most notably, Amazon Games will set a price for this in the future. All players will get a character transfer token for free, and there may be more, but it is best for players to use it wisely. Amazon Games stated it will require additional tokens to transfer again. Their team will continue to monitor the world population, queue time, and will evaluate whether it needs to issue additional server transfer tokens for free. After determining that the player has enough time to find a suitable server for them, they will later provide a server transfer token that can be purchased in the store. When the token is changed to a paid service, they will notify in advance. In order to make the game easier, players had better buy New World Coins in advance.

This update provides all players with two new freebies related to the initial issue of the long queue: the player title “The Stoic” (used to “show firmness in the face of epic waiting times” Determination") and “Waiting” emoticons. In addition, there are a lot of minor changes. These include minor UI adjustments, back-end changes to help the Amazon gaming team investigate client-side performance issues in War, some adjustments to the RNGesus on the box, and so on. Interested players can buy New World Coins to experience it.

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