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Diablo 2 Resurrected is as an ARPG game, you not only need to complete the battle between missions, but also do a lot of management in other aspects. The remastered version of Diablo 2 adds some acclaimed shortcuts to the game that reduce the time you spend navigating menus and stores.

On the store side, there are some quick Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes tips for speeding up transactions in-game. When you sell an item by clicking, you can simply hold Control and left-click on an item in your inventory to sell it instantly. If you want to buy an item, you just need to hold shift and right-click on the item you want to buy a stack of 20 at once. This shortcut is especially useful when you are buying potions or scrolls.

If you want to manage your items, you just need to hold shift and left click on any item you want to send it directly to your belt.

Plus, looting also gets easier when you press the Alt key after each battle. You don't have to hunt for loot in corpses and new environments, so you don't miss anything. Items still on the ground are highlighted, allowing you to spot them immediately. And it has the added benefit of being able to see what that item is before you pick it up. If they are useless items, you can just leave them on the ground instead of picking them up and throwing them away.

You need to always keep a dedicated space for scrolls and potions in your inventory. Potions can heal you as well as restore your magic and are obviously required items. And the scrolls also have their more specific and important uses, especially the Town Portal scrolls, they will be the scrolls you will use most often in the game. A lot of scrolls can fill up your inventory before you start a mission and you need to merge them. A book can hold 20 scrolls, which greatly reduces inventory clutter.

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