Lost Ark: EU Central server players still face long queues during peak hours from AnneBullock's blog

Lost Ark's European servers may still be its biggest burden, as queue times during its peak hours are still more than four hours after its launch nearly two weeks later.

The brilliant action MMORPG that took the industry by storm earlier this month, Lost Ark has surpassed 1 million concurrent players on Steam. And, over time, it shows no signs of losing that strong momentum. Although this may be a good thing for the entire player base. However, players playing the game on European servers are still suffering from severe server issues nearly two weeks after launch.

Although the developers of Smilegate have solved this problem many times. They tried to pack stability fixes through server maintenance updates, and the brand new EU western server has also been opened, and many attempts have been made to reduce the pressure on the EU central https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold server.

But while these efforts did curb some of the bad experiences that came with the influx of new players into the game day after day, it didn't do anything to address the bloated population of the EU's central servers.

Some of the game's most avid players, who have spent over a hundred hours on EU central servers, just couldn't transfer their game progress to an area that wasn't crowded. Otherwise, they would have to start from scratch and lose all the time they had invested.

Some people made up their minds and moved to the new server, reporting a vastly improved experience. However, the queue was still huge and firm. Of course, on the other hand, it's not all bad news. This issue will probably resolve itself in the next few weeks, after all, the heat will always decrease a bit over time. It won't always be so crowded.

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