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Animal Crossing players shared some cool art works on the Internet today, in which they performed a realistic interpretation of the characters in the game.

These pictures featuring realistic interpretations of Animal Crossing characters can be added to the unconventional art works in New Horizons, and the lovely 3D models of the Animal Crossing Nook series earlier this year are equally delightful.

Over the years, Animal Crossing has attracted great enthusiasm from players. It is a casual game Animal Crossing Bells series that accepts the love of fans from different groups of people. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, born in 2020, has rekindled the enthusiasm of players for this series of games, and it has also spawned a lot of fan art and countless in-game creations. The creation mechanism of Animal Crossing provides a very attractive experience for many players.

A Redditor and Tik Tok user with a creative tendency has released a series of impressive portrait paintings. Many of the characters in Animal Crossing appear in his works. In his works, he did not continue to remix the anthropomorphic images of these characters, but chose to reimagine them as real animals in the real world as a contrast. He created a comfortable and peaceful background to depict them. In his works, we can see other icons of Animal Crossing, such as the sky-bound balloon presents.

He gave these works a unique and complex appearance, as well as a sense of lively energy. It will be very interesting to see how these artists deal with the personal portraits of the characters in the game, and the combination composition they choose is also full of vitality and fun.

Animal Crossing has done a good job in terms of community and sharing. Social features such as the photo mode in New Horizons can prove this point. At the same time, this can also be seen in the carefully created fan art. These artists have further increased the enthusiasm of the players in the community. Because many players may be excited by seeing these paintings. And this has a good appreciation for anyone who loves Animal Crossing Items art.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems to add new content that players have been waiting for.

Site DodoCodes stated that New Horizon’s recent 1.10 and 1.11 updates include code that references Museum Café. In the first few issues of Animal Crossing, The Roost coffee shop Buy Animal Crossing Bells operated by Brewster sold coffee to players and allowed players to work in the shop to earn special rewards. And in the previous Animal Crossing game, the Roost had a separate floor in the Museum.

According to the latest data, we know that the 1.11 patch refers to the camera parameters of "IdrMuseumCafe". This is after adding new content in version 1.10, and also refer to the new camera settings other than "IdrMuseumEnt03".

And the 1.11 version of the code also includes a "cNpcMemory:TalkProgressMuseumBuiltCafe" logo, this code seems to mean that the Museum will be expanded in future updates.

More than a year ago, hints of coffee shop expansion plans appeared for the first time, and at that time another data found citations about coffee shops and art galleries, and the art gallery was really released soon.

Earlier this week, Nintendo has assured players that more free content is now in development. They said that information about them will be shared with everyone in the future, and they hope that players will pay attention to this, and then thank you for your support and patience.

For each update of the game, it is something players are looking forward to, so let us wait patiently.

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It’s been a while since the 2.1 update, so you might be looking for something new to do. I think you might want to know how to start Spectral Secrets in Genshin Impact. The premise is that if you have sealed the Warding Stones and unlocked Electro Oceanid, and then you also finished fishing, then you can start the Spectral Secrets event.

This is a limited time event that earns rewards based on the player's success. However, players still have to meet some requirements to start it.

The Spectral Secrets event Buy Genshin Account ends on September 26th. The basic condition to start this acquisition is that the player's adventure level has reached level 30 and the Escape from Ritou quest has been completed. If you have completed these two requirements, then you can go to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to Catherine. She will ask you to investigate more and more incidents involving eyewitnesses to Specters. After accepting this mission, you can access the Spectral Secrets event, and then you can dispatch characters in various expeditions. Moreover, you can get more detailed information when you choose a task, including the recommended elements and the number of people required.

If you succeed, you will be rewarded according to the ranking next to each expedition. If it is S, you will get the highest reward. When the task is harder, it takes longer. In addition, it is worth noting that there are only four expeditions per day, so you must choose carefully.

In addition, if players want to participate in the S rank expedition, they need to first go to the corresponding area for investigation. You can click the'Conduct Preliminary Investigation' button and it will display a map with markers indicating where the player needs to go. After arriving in this area, look for Thunder Sakura Bough. Next, summon an Electrogranum to activate the three stone pedestals. Because they are relatively small, they may be difficult to spot at first, but they are not very far away. After these three stone pedestals are activated, the player also needs to fight Specters. After all this is completed, the preliminary investigation is completed. After that, return to the Adventurer's Guild, and you can dispatch the team S Rank Expedition.

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The FIFA 22, which players are eagerly awaiting, will be released in less than a month. There are very few details about the game demo.

Due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic last year, the manufacture of next-generation game FUT 22 Coins consoles, games, and demos have been postponed. Therefore, last year EA Sports chose not to release the FIFA 21 demo, and they have now made a major decision whether to provide FIFA 22 demos like players.

For many players around the world, the FIFA 22 demo will be an opportunity to test it before it is released, so that players can learn some information about the gameplay, as well as the different modes of the game that are feasible in the complete game. . However, this has also become an impossible thing this year. Because FIFA players must first experience or book the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 in EA Play before they can play this game before the game is released, that is, Friday, October 1.

EA Sports once issued a statement about FIFA 21 demo last year. They said that they will not release the demo because their development team will focus their time on the current or next-generation next-gen consoles to improve better A sense of game experience.

And because there is no FIFA 22 demo, most people can only wait until the release date if they want to play the game. Of course, if you are an EA Play member, this situation may change.

FIFA 22's The Standard Edition will be released according to the global release date, and its Ultimate Edition provides a four-day rescue experience, so some players can also choose to start the rescue experience game from Monday, September 27.

It seems that most players will not be able to play FIFA 22 until the official release day of the Cheap FIFA 22 Coins game. However, this is nothing, after all, October 1st is coming soon. I believe that whether it is FIFA 22 of The Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition, it will bring us a great gaming experience.

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In terms of customization, NBA 2K22 pays more attention to this than ever. Players can change the player's data, equipment and animation in the main mode of the game, MyCareer. The expressions of the players in the game and even their behavior of wandering in the Neighborhood or the City can be changed by animation. Below, this article will explain how to purchase and change 2K22 MT animations in NBA 2K22.

There are many categories of animation. On the next generation of game consoles, these animations are divided into Playmaking Moves, Scoring Moves,, In-Game Celebrations, Intros & Outros, and City Emotes. Almost everything the player does in this mode is covered by it. When the players switch between them, the players will feel the freshness of the game, and they will become more interesting as the season progresses.

After the first cutscene in MyPlayer is completed, you can choose and purchase from the MyPlayer option in the menu. At this time, if the player wants to buy or switch animations, just select the animation option directly, and you can buy new animations. You will see a complete list of animations in each category. If you have played a lot of games before and spent money in the real world, you should have many options to choose from, so be careful before you confirm Look at them.

After you have purchased it, press X on the PS, and press A or B on the XBOX to set it to the active state of MyPlayer. In this way, next time you Buy MT 2K22 enter the relevant part of the game, the animation that can be seen in the Neighborhood, City or the game will be played. In addition, the player can also view the role of the animation by pressing Triangle/Y/X on the Gameplay Animations menu.

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Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides players with interesting custom building layouts, how to arrange the best location for Nook's Cranny has become a question that every player will think about.

There are several factors that affect the placement of Nook's Cranny business. The most important influence is the default layout of the island. Because the players lacked the vaulting pole from one part of Nook's Cranny to another at the beginning. However, new terrain Animal Crossing Items modification tools are currently unlocked in the game, so each player can edit the waterways and rivers on the island according to their own ideas. So now players can place Nook's Cranny as the island they want. This will also be the best location.

Currently, the islands that can be built in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are divided into three different, unofficial community types. They have islands built for convenience, some built for commerce, and others built to build a small town. The position of Nook's Cranny will be affected by these three choices, and will be determined where it should be placed.

If the player does not want to bother to travel from one side of the island to the other for convenience, they will put the items from Nook's Cranny at home. Therefore, at this time, Nook's Cranny is the best place to build the house closest to the player. If the player is building a business, Nook's Cranny should be far away from the players' houses, it should be placed in an isolated area, wait until the player's game progress has been more lagging, and then continue to build this part of the business part. If Nook's Cranny is placed in the center of the island, near the city hall. This may be more suitable for players who want to build their island into a small town. Through it, the player's travel to each key location will become more convenient.

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To commemorate the upcoming one-year anniversary, a new Genshin Impact video featuring the beloved Amber and Barbara as the protagonists was born. The two heroines as the host, and the travel anniversary letter reminds people of some important things that happened before the release.

This new video begins with Amber and Barbara talking to players and their adventures. If you still have an impression of Barbara’s "An Idol’s Healing Magic", you will find that their tone is the same. It also focuses on major events that Buy Genshin Account occurred before and during the first year of the game's release. Beginning with the trailer in June 2019, a timeline appeared, and finally ended with some praise gained from the game.

Other early celebrations and videos have also appeared. At the request of miHoYo, players can submit their wishes to Paimon before the first anniversary of September 28, 2021. miHoYo has also launched a number of competitions that encourage players to make game guides, videos, fan art, and role-playing costumes in exchange for various rewards in the game and in the real world.

Genshin Impact is currently available for trial play on PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. And its Nintendo Switch version will be launched soon. The first anniversary event will be held on September 28, 2021.

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The PS5 version of NBA 2K22 reported on the new city earlier, and now we have a full Courtside Report, where we can discuss some related details. The main takeaway is that the new Career mode is an open-world RPG with the opposite style of Telltale-style 2K22 MT story, which includes some basketball games.

In the game, players will explore the sandbox, build their own brand and interact with agents, general managers, etc. You don't have to follow a linear storyline all the time, but you can freely carry out side tasks and strive to achieve the overall goal of playing in the NBA.

In addition, new missions and stories will come with seasonal updates, and a batch of new rewards will be unlocked every Saturday. Players can also participate in bicycle races, and it is feasible to compete online with other players on the open-world court. There are also new matching buildings, so players can no longer have to wait in line.

A large number of NPCs have also been added, the scene has become more dynamic than before, and players can also interact with various shops and other attractions. However, we currently don’t Buy 2K22 MT know how 2K Sports will handle the game’s storyline on PS4. Its cruise-themed Neighborhood seems to be much smaller than the City.

In addition, the overall reward for reaching level 40 in the first season is karting.

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The upcoming FIFA 22 best player has been identified as Paris Saint-Germain's star Lionel Messi.

In addition, the second best-rated player in the latest season of popular teams is Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. And Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United, Messi's long-time opponent, barely ranked third.

In the ranking of the best FIFA 22 Coins players in this field, Paris-Germain's performance is very strong, Messi's team-mates Kylian Mbappe and Neymar ranked second only to Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, they ranked fifth and sixth respectively.

Since Messi moved from Barcelona to Paris this year, he ended the prologue of his professional career playing in only one club. But his last performance at Camp Nou still allowed him to lead his opponents and win the top spot.

As part of the top three, they are still at the pinnacle of power. This is a tribute to their superb skills. They are still ahead of their younger contemporaries, such as Mbappe and Erling Haaland, who have not made the top ten. Elsewhere, Tottenham forward and England captain Harry Kane won the glory of Euro 2020 this summer, and Jan Obla was awarded the best goalkeeper for winning the La Liga.

Later this week, almost all the top players in FIFA 22 will start to act, and they will turn their attention to their European battlefields. Messi, Lewandowski and Ronaldo will participate in the Champions League action for a week, and in the newly established Europa Conference League, Kane will become the highest ranked player.

Everyone wants their team to be glorified, so this is destined to be very competitive in the game, and fans can wait and see for the final next spring.

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With the recent release of NBA 2K22, the 2021-22 season is getting closer and closer to us.

Popular video game franchises will be replaced every year before the start of each season, and NBA 2K22 will also Buy MT 2K22 show all the new roster after an offseason full of transactions. As players and fans spend countless hours on the virtual basketball court, video games sometimes argue that the game’s well-known player ratings have become the main content of basketball culture.

After completing all the acquisitions, The Los Angeles Lakers became a contender for the new season. A sensational deal made Russell Westbrook's headlines. Although LeBron James has entered the 19th year of his brilliant career, the Lakers will still do their best.

James, Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony all appeared in the trailer before the game was released. With the official release of NBA 2K22, the ranking of individual players will also become the topic of analysis, so it is not surprising to see James leading the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook entered the prestigious club with an overall score of 87 points, and Anthony Davis joined the 90s club with James with a score of 94 points. After these three stars, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Nunn ranked with 78 points. In second place, Anthony and Dwight Howard followed closely with 77 points.

Player ratings throughout the season will fluctuate based on the player’s performance as usual, so it will be interesting to see a player make improvements later. However, in any case, the Lakers look very good. It is really exciting to see their game next 2K22 MT month.

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