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Players can explore the new world of Outland in WoW TBC Classic. The following are some preparations we need to do before entering the Dark Portal.

WoW TBC Classic is an upgrade of the original World of Warcraft Classic, and it is also a big buying WOW TBC Gold point. It defines an excellent experience for most of the player's journey, and at the same time carries many of the player's favorite moments. In this expansion pack, Outland and the new upper level limit are the most important points, so the speed at which players gain experience must be adjusted.

Players go from level 20 to level 60. The amount of experience required has been reduced by approximately 15% compared to the past. In addition, players will also gain more experience when turning in quests from level 30 to 60. Some elite missions and monsters are now becoming more regular, so this also makes it easier for single players to upgrade in this situation.

In the game, the druid can turn on the flying form after reaching level 68, but for other professions, the flying mount with 60% speed must consume 900 gold coins. By flying, players can fly at high speed in difficult-to-traverse areas such as Netherstorm and Blade's Edge Mountain. And in the process of player coordination, flying is also a necessary operation.

And if you fly in TBC Classic, the space you can explore is very large, because the design of these areas all refer to vertical exploration, which is in sharp contrast with complete walking.

Players need less experience to upgrade, which is a good change for players. This not only saves players more time, but also allows them to experience the rich content of the game at different levels as soon as possible.

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