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In New World, players are allowed to do whatever they want to upgrade their character, so there is a player who decides not to kill anything and upgrade to level 60.

Although there are some problems in the New World Coins beta and early access stages of New World, it is still one of the most played games on Steam. Even if it is currently half of its peak period, it still has a large number of players. The number of players active in New World every day is not even different from the number of players in WOW, just a little bit lower. Among so many active players, there are all kinds of game players. Among them are hardcore PVP fans who enjoy war, and PVE fans who love adventure.

Since New World has a variety of different production disciplines, it is also considered a game very suitable for craftsmen. Players only need to find a pile of materials in the wild to make actual objects such as benches. In addition, collecting supplies can also help improve the level of certain disciplines, for example, players can track, skin, or fish.

When players participate in too many conflicts or killings, improving trade skills will also become a way for players to improve their personality. Therefore, some players have already upgraded to level 60 without killing any enemies, even in the tutorial area. On Reddit, you can see a screenshot of the results shared by the players, with their current skill level attached to it, which shows that the player’s proficiency in all weapons is 1.

This proves that this player has never killed anyone or plants in New World. This is not only one of the core content of the game, but also a great achievement. New World encourages players to play as much as they want in the game, and they can research any aspect of the MMO they like.

Since gathering skills are very precious, a New World player even taught his 6-year-old kid to fish for him, hoping to get the most benefit from the experience. Although some New World Gold players said below this post that fishing is technically killing fish, the truth is that players can still upgrade to level 60 as they wish.

This game setting of New World is really interesting. We seem to be able to make many attempts in this well-made MMO. Finally, by the way. If you are currently suffering from the lack of New World Coins, I believe NewWorldCoins will be able to help you.

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