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RL positioned Season 13 prizes have been uncovered

RL positioned Season 13 prizes have been uncovered

Due to the multi-stage nature of Steam Buy Rocket League Credits, players who do switch working frameworks will even now have the option to play the game on their current Steam accounts without expecting to rebuy the game itself. Progress and game things recently gained on a Steam record will relocate to any place the client is playing. 

Rocket League Items positioned Season 13 prizes have been uncovered, and the network reaction is… bad. Like each season before it, players will be compensated with a thing that speaks to the most elevated position they came to. This season, similar to a few preceding it, the prizes are indeed wheels. And keeping in mind that wheels are commonly the most mainstream rewards, for this season, fans don't appear to think about the plan or thing decision deserving of their time. 

  • Created: Nov 26 '20
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