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Welcome to this comprehensive guide on gold farming in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)! The following methods are designed for solo players and provide efficient ways to earn a substantial amount of Elder Scrolls Online Gold quickly and consistently.

Earning Gold through Enemy Farming

One way to amass gold while gaining experience is by farming enemies. To maximize your earnings, focus on areas with groups of humanoid enemies, such as humans and elves. Humanoid enemies often carry more gold in their pockets, making them the preferred targets. Notable locations for this method include public dungeons like the Vile Manse, Obsidian Scar, and Razak's Wheel.

Save Your Gold

In ESO, it's wise to save your gold as a fundamental way to increase your wealth. Avoid unnecessary expenses like fast traveling to Wayshrines and repairing damaged armor. Instead, opt for free travel by walking or riding to the nearest Wayshrine, and sell or deconstruct broken armor to recover some resources. During quests and exploration, you'll frequently come across equipment to replace damaged gear.

Stealing for ESO Gold

Stealing is a unique and enjoyable method for earning gold in ESO, especially for low-level characters. Stolen items can be sold to fences in the Outlaw's Refuge. Initially, the number of items you can fence each day is limited, so prioritize green, blue, or purple items for higher earnings. Common items yield lower profits. Good locations for stealing include Windhelm, various cities with ships, Vivec City for house motifs, and Vvardenfell, where valuable paintings can be found.

Harvesting Crafting Materials

Farming and selling crafting materials is a profitable endeavor, as some materials command high prices. To maximize your gains, consider having a dedicated character with maximum speed. Investing skill points in crafting skills and utilizing abilities like Master Gather and Plentiful Harvest from the Craft constellation can further boost your income.

Chest Farming

Searching for and opening chests is a great way to obtain valuable jewelry and items from sets like Briarheart or Bright-Throat's Boast in areas without Dark Anchors or similar world events. The Fortune's Favor and Treasure Hunter stars within the Craft constellation can enhance your earnings, and the Keen Eye: Treasure Chests passive from the Excavation line helps you spot chests more quickly.

Flipping Raw Materials

Flipping raw materials involves purchasing underpriced materials from guild stores and refining them. To make this method profitable, invest in Refinement skill points within the professions. On average, each refinement has a 5% chance of yielding a Legendary material. To ensure profitability, avoid paying more than 40g per raw material. Refined Ruby Ash Wood and Ancestor Silk can fetch 6-8k per stack, so consider the value of refined materials as well.

Addons for Gold Farming in ESO

Enhance your gold farming experience with these addons in ESO:

Master Merchant: Access real-time pricing information (requires membership in a trading guild to access price data) to stay updated on current average selling prices.

Votan’s Mini Map: Simplify navigation with a configurable mini-map on your screen, aiding you in efficient travel within different zones.

Harvest Map: This indispensable addon not only displays resource material locations but also generates 3D farming nodes, streamlining the resource gathering process during your gold farming activities. It's a must-have for tracking and collecting resources.

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