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In Diablo 2, there are many quests that require you to go to a specific location to find an item, such as Cairn Stones. The steps to complete this quest may be more complicated than you might think, as you also need to explore other places first to get clues. First, you need to go to a dungeon and fight the boss in it. After defeating the enemy you will learn the secrets of the portal they guard. Would you like a guide for more quests in Diablo 2 Resurrected? You can easily find tons of articles about Diablo 2 Resurrected at MMOWTS. Not only that, but if you need Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, you can also place your order at MMOWTS.

Where to find Cairn Stones and Deckard Cain
The Search for Cain quest tasks you with finding six Cairn Stones inside the Stony Field, then activating them inside a specific order to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items unravel the puzzle. Getting towards the Stony Field and activating the stones is of an ordeal, though.
The road through Cold Plains splits, the other of the forks goes to the Stony Field area. The other is to visited the Burial Grounds earlier. Where the Cairn Stones actually find yourself depends on chance. Like high of Diablo 2, the Stony Field map is randomly generated, therefore, the Cairn Stone locations are vastly different depending on your game.
Finding them is the start, though. Activating them needs a small detour throughout the Dark Woods to obtain the Tree of Inifuss.
Diablo 2 Resurrected Items
Diablo 2 Resurrected Tree of Inifuss location
Also inside Stony Field, usually very close towards the Cairn Stones may be the Underground Passage that connects to Dark Wood. You're looking for an entrance along one on the edges in the Stony Field. So if you're lost, give attention to filling from the mini-map and soon you can pick out what you're looking for.
Head through level 1 from the Underground Passage and handle the (many) threats along the route. At some point around the first level, there is a exit for the Dark Wood.
Like the Cairns themselves, the Tree location will change from game to game as soon as you reach the far wall. Wherever it winds up, you'll want to fight or bypass the Treehead Woodfist unique boss to activate with the Tree of Inifuss.
Once that's done, return to Akara. Interact using the stones inside a specific order, that may also consist of game to game, along with a portal opens leading someone to Cain — along with a bunch of additional enemies. Deal with these phones finish the quest. Grab the Moldy Tome from an altar in Stony Field prior to going to start the Forgotten Tower quest at the same time.
Finishing both quests may be beneficial before taking on Diablo 2 Resurrected's Tools from the Trade quest having its bigger difficulty spike. You'll need the other boosts from leveling up, since resetting stats is not the easiest option.

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The Diablo 2 Resurrected Items you need most

Diablo 2 Resurrected PTR is conducting a second test of Patch 2.4 to find issues and parts that negatively impact players' gaming experience before the game is updated. Recently, Blizzard officially released information about PTR Patch 2.4 P2 in the game community, including some detailed adjustments made by the development team to balance the ranks. For more content, please visit the news page of the official website of MMOWTS and get it. If you're looking to strengthen your character, then MMOWTS is also a site you shouldn't miss. Any player can purchase D2R Items at MMOWTS, and when the order is complete, you'll know you made the right decision.
Each class in Diablo 2: Resurrected is seeing changes to each and every of its three skill trees. Not only are underutilized skills being buffed include them as more attractive, there are some reworks to casting delays and synergies. For example, the Paladin — that's most commonly for this Blessed Hammer skill — has brought buffs to Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, and Holy Shock auras, in addition to Fist with the Heavens and Holy Bolt. Auradins and FoHers will hopefully become a lot more potent.

In a similar vein, the Amazon's reliance of becoming a Lightning Javazon for end-game damage really should be tempered a lttle bit with the rework from the Bow and Crossbow skill tree. Strafe plus the elemental arrow skills are already reworked, offering more damage overall. And for people who can't quit the javelins, Impale and Fend skills have witnessed a significant buff.
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Barbarians are notably finding a buff to throwing and leap skills, in addition to a rework to synergies with combat skills and shouts. The Assassin Martial Arts skill tree it's essentially all being buffed to really make it better for end-game content, and casting delays for Shadow Disciplines and new synergies with Traps should create more diverse play.

The Druid is finding a ton of love, that include for the fire portion on the Elemental skill tree. Casting delays and synergies are reworked, and also better functionality when shapeshifting at the identical time. Necromancers are seeing their Skeletal Mages buffed to advertise better build diversity. Bone Armor is also acquiring a buff for better protection.

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And finally, the Sorceress — arguably the strongest class hanging around — is mainly seeing her underutilized skills get a tad of a buff for better diversity. There are far more changes that I didn't list here for your sake of space. You can read the total list of class alterations in Blizzard's official patch notes.

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Recently, Amazon, the publisher of Lost Ark in Europe and the United States, announced that it will launch a free update for the highly anticipated MMO. After the update is complete, players can challenge more difficult endgame raids and complete a new storyline. Clearly, the popularity of Lost Ark has given Amazon a glimpse of the game's future potential. If you want a better gaming experience, you can get the best online support at The latest guide and the cheapest Lost Ark Gold is just for you.

According to their announcement on the official website, the main reason for the release of this update is that there is a lot of unique content in the Korean version of the game that has not yet been introduced to servers in Europe and the United States. In order to more steadily introduce these contents to Lost Ark Western, they will further enhance the level of cooperation with the developer Smilegame RPG.

The highlight of Lost Ark's March update is the new story episode, a series of quests about the Sidereals and the search for the first Guardian slayer, Kadan, that will let you gradually learn the secrets behind the events. While Amazon hasn't announced specifics just yet, it's safe to say that new cinematic moments featuring new and returning characters will appear, and you'll be taken to the Isteri and Illusion Bamboo islands to complete those quests.

Of course, in order to access the new story content, you'll have to complete missions in Feiton and three other places ahead of time. Includes: Yorn - Let There Be Light, Whispering Islet - Start of Our Story, and Illusion Bamboo Island - End of the Trials. If your item level has not reached 1100, then I do not recommend you to visit Isteri and Illusion Bamboo islands, where monsters will bring you mortal danger.

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Additionally, you can access new endgame content, Abyss Raids, through the Abyss Raid Statue in major cities. These challenging contents are what players look forward to the most besides the new story. To fight these Guardians, you'll need to form a team of eight with seven other players. Guardians have a limited number of resurrections and you must knock them down before the time expires or your mission will fail. The three stages you go through in the Lost Ark Gold raid each give you unique rewards, but you'll also be challenged with new mechanics and attack modes. Note that your item level needs to be up to par to challenge other stages of content.

Not only that, but content related to game content modifications and bug fixes will be introduced to Lost Ark in the March update. There is no doubt that all players will have a better gaming experience after the update is complete. If your current item level is still low, I suggest you try MMOWTS' 3rd party service. You can buy cheap Lost Ark Gold at MMOWTS with 100% security.