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Divination skill lets you create heavenly locations. It is possible to gain a lot of resources in a very short time, so make sure you've reached the daily limit. These places have high XP/time or GP/time ratios so they are worth doing every day. Your daily limit is determined by RuneScape gold your level, maxing out at 250, which is 2500 in total. Your limit will be filled by every resource you harvest and any resource received from others through the holy location. Certain resources are filled quicker than others.

You can put as many holy locations as you want per day, but only one place per day. You should only harvest divine places from other players when you want XP. If you don't care about XP but are looking to earn quick profits, you can place your own divine spots in areas that are crowded.

The best place to go to find Divine Locations is World 48 Burthorpe bank at the hour of 0:00 UTC. To check the time, use alt+ to open the the developer console, and then type whatever you want to buy OSRS gold type. World 2 Burthorpe Bank is the best alternative to World 48.

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