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The start time for RTTK in EA FC 24 is Friday at 1 Fut 24 Coins pm ET / 6pm BST. This follows the same release as most other promo squads FC 24 Coins  in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Having played FC for years, we know six o’clock is the time to look out for, and that will continue with EA FC. So set your watches! 

As soon as the start time hits, Road to the Knockouts cards will be added to packs. Not only will RTTK cards be added to packs at the start time, but new items will be released relating to the FC 24 RTTK promo via Objectives and SBCs. Road to the Knockouts COUNTDOWNEA FC 24 RTTK Release Date

These special items are classed as ‘Live’ cards, meaning they can gain upgrades depending on real-world results. You will need to keep an eye on the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, and UEFA Women’s Champions League Group Stage matches to see who could gain a boost! 

This gives you a chance to expand your club with RTTK items without relying on pack luck! Grind Objectives rather than heading to the Transfer Market. Or use fodder to earn an upgraded card through Squad Building Challenges. Contents show EA FC 24 RTTK release date FC 24 Road to the Knockouts

EA has officially confirmed the Road to the Knockouts promo as the second event of the FC 24 Ultimate Team season! However, what is the EA FC 24 RTTK release date? We’ve got you covered, letting you know exactly when to look out for.

Road to the Knockouts is a returning event and will be the first campaign available after early access ends. EA will add cards to packs on Friday, and they will stay live for one week only. Additional RTTK items will be released via Objectives and SBCs. We could also see a Mini-Release of cards drop on October 1. 

We’re already getting a taste of what to expect, thanks to the FC 24 RTTK leaks spreading over socials. However, before you look at who will be gaining an upgraded card, discover when the RTTK release date is in FUT 24 below. The RTTK release date in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is September 29. 

This will be the second promo of the season, and it will go live on the same day as the FC 24 release date. It will be the first promo of the FUT 24 cycle available to those without FC 24 early access. Road to the Knockouts  cheap Fut 24 Coins will take over from the FC 24 Nike Made Ready promo.

It's that easy. Like they don't want to have to WoTLK Gold  spend money. They don't want to have to to put it together. They got no idea. Also, I think that built-in PCs are the biggest value addition and many people are asking: did we really get it? They did. We'll try it again.Hopefully, he replies with condom or take off the condom in case you need to

I feel like new console without having to purchase an entirely new console, exactly I can see the values right for you is something that's right with it i think so I mean as a lot of people were critical of this Star Forge stuff at the beginning, but I feel it will get better as time goes on and you realize that things have improved , etc. I'm feeling better about it and I think a lot of other people are , too. So I'm pleased for my friends who were more effective to buy per Bill Yeah, I mean like there's many people who, don't wish to be forced to learn how to put together a PC they just do that because it's simple.

Start forwards to giveaways in the future not in the future very soon spamming started attack can help manually target you're correct, come on click be clicking ABC always be clicking on the wrong thing. But at least he doesn't he responds pretty quick so it's not a problem.

let's see heaps of friends have still bought a prebuilt computer. bought my mom a prebuilt model of the previous computer I bought her was an unoriginal PC. I went to Best Buy I thought I'm buying you a PC and I've bought the best model that was it because I said fuck making a new PC , it's just an unnecessary waste of my time.

I don't want to do that take the weapon off or go for a faster tag I feel like the weapons pretty fast just remember the collection of freshmen, and you're going to work smarter, not more. It's about knowing people buy WoTLK Classic Gold  who recognize the value of their time you can spend your time in a manner that's right for them. do we get it oh we got it I was not even looking at my screen, I was just clicking Good Job everyone, now let's all go we'll go back here you can't believe this was at home.

I'm going to have a tough to beat a rogue in this since he's  WoTLK Gold more aggressive than me, so you're going to see him beat me up, there's no way to beat him in that, it's going to hit faster me each and every time we have to to another one perhaps this one here is the actual goal of our guild. in TBC is the devil's saw mafia. I'm sorry to say that here we go nice I've got one fuck okay , all I have to do is collect 12 bandanas, hopefully every mob will drop one because the moment they don't, I'm screwed. 

I hope they do that as every time they do it is similar to the fact that I hope that when they release the new season, a mastery gets to a point that it's like the final game content that's new, like I don't really like the way it's like which season of a mastery is like compared to was the most recent. It was exactly like the one you're making the exact same content. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's like why not even bother to fuck Bobby's Yeah, I'm in need of gold.

Oh, I like I need gold. It's a great idea. However, the issue is that I'm in need of gold. There are other people who are members of the guild. Also, if others are members of the Guild and I'm telling them I'm in need of gold. What happens if someone thinks they don't require gold? Since they don't really need gold? I need gold. Therefore, I'm not going to go through the process of thinking that the hustlers University is the is the most appropriate name to use so far. Let me be honest. What is the deal with microtransactions?

Reintroduce store mounted shelves today Epstein's Island boys , we're not going to do anything. We're not going to take any action. Listen. Anything that could put me into trouble. Like someone said Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself We're not going to give that the guild name , like I do. have to be into trouble for the second time. battles, but I have to pay attention when the guys continue to kill them right in front of me. Here we go. Hey, what's the matter with you? We're good, but we have to finish this done fast.

What saw was the man did I see? loot. I love how when these guys are help me kill him, he says Oh my God. What do you think you are mad about? Bitch. Now they're hopping around over me, because they have pissed. I'm  buy WoTLK Classic Gold at a level. The hustlers' fellowship. Nah, that's stupid. No, I'm not interested in this. I find that to be a bit stupid. We'll come up with something better.

We’re fast approaching the EA Sports FC 24 release date, with Fut 24 Coins  a gameplay trailer revealed and pre-orders now live. Over the coming weeks, we will be getting a better look at the upcoming game, with fans analysing trailers and images to try and spot any hidden details we can expect to see.

It may just be the start of the build-up toward FC 24 but one detail has already sent chills through the Ultimate Team community. FC 24 introduced the Griddy as a celebration in the game, and now another toxic celebration looks set to return!

Playing Ultimate Team can bring massive amounts of joy, but it can also be an extremely frustrating experience. The FC community has gained a reputation for being toxic over the years, and although that is not representative of everyone who plays the game, it is definitely something we’re sure that all FUT players have encountered.

Some may see deliberately annoying your opponent as just part of the game, something that can give you an edge when going for the win. You just have to look at how often have you become the victim of timewasting to see how prevalent that is. Sure, whoever it is you are playing may really need that win in FUT Champions, but playing it back to the goalkeeper, juggling the ball, then spraying it between center-backs for the last 20 minutes of a match doesn’t really fit the spirit of the game.

There are some general, unwritten rules of etiquette that you learn the more time you spend playing Ultimate Team and see discussions about it online. One of those is not celebrating goals. Most players just want to get through matches as quickly as possible, if celebrations just slow that down. Having to watch your opposition celebrate is also demoralising, especially if it is a long animation or is known to cause frustration.

Well, get ready for some controllers to be broken, because it looks as though EA has brought back the Shush celebration for EA Sports FC 24! Fans noticed an image of Vinicius Jr enacting the move in the FC 24 promotional material, and they are now getting ready for the controversial celebration to return.

The Shush was introduced in FC 20 but was then removed in FC 24 Coins for sale  FC 21 in recognition of its toxicity among the community. It was also a prolonged celebration, as you could run into the midfield doing the shushing motion, then pair it with another move to finish off the humiliation.

To help find the right players for your Tactical Vision, Tactical Vision  Fut 24 Coins Scouting has been introduced. This will mean the scouts will look for players that are a natural fit for your system, such as a CM with good ball control, short passing, and positioning if using Tiki-Taka. The Overall Condition filter determines the quality of the player, from Backup to World Class, with the PlayStyles filter looking for players with a specific weapon in their arsenal. 


Coaches will be a vital part of how you develop and improve your team in FC 24 Career Mode. Depending on their position, players will be split into different departments of Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping. Each coach will need to be assigned to a department. Then, players in that department improve from the coach’s Tactical Knowledge and Player Development abilities. 

All coaching staff can have three levels of knowledge for a Tactical Vision – Novice, Accomplished, and Expert. Over time, coaches will earn XP on a Tactical Vision through matches played and wins, leveling up and improving their knowledge. When it comes to game time, players will gain attribute boosts depending on the Tactical Vision and how good the coach’s knowledge of the game plan is in their department. It should be noted, when the Tactical Vision is set to Custom, Tactical Knowledge is penalised and coaches will not gain XP. 

Player Development will also be affected by coaching ability, with their quality ranging from one to five stars and are department specific. You can assign multiple coaches to the same department, which will improve that department’s overall quality, which in turn will help players grow in less time. Previous factors, such as match-time actions and form, will still impact a player’s growth, with the coach boost applied on top. 

Training Plans 

Training Plans are back in FC 24 Manager Career, and you need to Cheap FC 24 Coins  strike the right balance to keep your players match-fit and sharp throughout the season. The team training system has been revamped this year, with five Training Plans to choose from, each focussing on a different area for a player or set of players. 

In game. If you don't have an established network of WoTLK Gold  friends, you don't have a community you love to play with, you're returning to the game but not everyone is currently playing the game on the exact same server then you actually would rather be on a realm you can actually play the game in, then you would be on the realm of playing games.

However, does this really benefit people who are generally playing the game? The truth is, the answer is essentially no. So what about maybe making layers, or consolidating the infrastructure or hardware to ensure they can handle more people on these mega servers? Well, that's the next thing they address.

Naturally, layers aren't the answer. It's something that I was thinking and I'm sure the majority of the players were thinking that it might be better to add layers, or even upgrade your hardware so that you can accommodate more players within the game. Layers in general work to ensure that game zones don't get too crowded.

When there are too many players in a limited area within the game, they will add more layers so that it's not like everybody is farming the same mob but it doesn't actually increase the capacity of the server. Not gonna lie, I was pretty certain that I knew precisely how this performed. But I also believed that it increased the server's capacity to handle more players.

But as this isn't the reality, we're confronted by the reality that the mega worlds are truly overflowing. The greater the number of players who load into the game, the greater the pressure on the server itself. of the servers themselves.

This means it makes it much more difficult to cast spells that allow the game to be able to count any loot, and that's the case with Ghana currently. In most of my raids, players are instructed not to throw away anything otherwise it will crash to the point that the entire realm will crash. array. Everybody will be deseed. And you can't get back into the game for more than 20 minutes. This is an extremely scary situation right now.

And Blizzard is kind of disappointed by this blue Post that it literally is not getting better because they can't make it better and  cheap WoTLK Classic Gold they've announced there is no way to improve their hardware even further to boost server capacity.

Declan Rice’s departure this summer has left a huge void in  Fut 24 Coins the West Ham team. The England international papered over the cracks in The Hammers’ squad, and it is no surprise to see him head to pastures new. Edson Alvarez and James Ward-Prowse have come in to bolster the midfield ranks, but Moyes’ squad still looks desperately thin in attacking areas and full-back.

Edson Alvarez – 81 overall

Mexican midfielder Edson Alvarez brings Champions League experience to the midfield. Alvarez looks set to be the “Rice replacement” following his move from Ajax, and his defensive abilities are similar to that of the England man. Don’t expect him to have the same impact on the team, but he is still a reliable man to have protecting the defence. An 81 OVR greets Alvarez, but this could rise quickly if he starts well.

Lucas Paqueta – 81 overall

Brazilian international Lucas Paqueta looks to have settled into life in East London after taking some time to adapt. Despite interest from Man City, Paqueta looks set to stay at West Ham this season. If he can continue to contribute goals and assists then he will cement himself as a fan favourite among Irons fans. Paqueta will be top of the FC 24 West Ham ratings and is rated 81 overall from the outset in Ultimate Team.

Nayef Aguerd – 79 overall

Nayef Aguerd has shown his quality in a West Ham shirt after excelling for Morocco at the World Cup. Quick, comfortable on the ball, and strong in the air, Aguerd is the perfect partner for new captain and defensive powerhouse Kurt Zouma at the back. Despite a couple of high-profile blunders, Aguerd is West Ham’s best defender which is reflected with a 79 overall.

Jarrod Bowen – 79 overall

England winger Jarrod Bowen managed just six goals last season as West Ham struggled in front of goal. However, Bowen bagged the winner in the Europa Conference League final and looks to have his confidence back as shown by his superb goal against Bournemouth on the opening weekend of the season. A 79 overall seems harsh for West Ham’s most potent attacker.

Mohammed Kudus – 79 overall

This is one to get excited for. Ghanaian speedster Mohammed Kudus boasts 90 Pace in FC 24 and is one of the few West Ham players to see an improvement from last year’s game. Technical, First Touch, and Flair Playstyles are available for Kudus.

More arrivals could be on their way to the London Stadium before the window closes, with Brazil striker Yuri Alberto and PSG forward Hugo Ekitike heavily linked. If you are looking for more ratings, see our predictions for FC 24 fastest players. The EA FC 24 Top 100 players will also be revealed  Buy FC 24 Coins soon, and we have revealed our full predictions for this too.

Kevin Behrens – Union BerlinVictor Boniface – Bayer Fut 24 Coins LeverkusenAlphonso Davies – Bayern MunichBenjamin Henrichs – RB LeipzigHarry Kane – Bayern MunichJonas Wind – WolfsburgKevin Behrens – Union BerlinResults: W/WGoals: 4Assists: 0Duels (per 90 mins): 11Victor Boniface – Bayer LeverkusenResults: 

W/WGoals: 2Assists: 1Duels (per 90 mins): 27Alphonso Davies – Bayern MunichResults: W/WGoals: 0Assists: 3Duels (per 90 mins): 20Benjamin Henrichs – RB LeipzigResults: L/WGoals: 1Assists: 2Duels (per 90 mins): 16Harry Kane – Bayern MunichResults: W/WGoals: 3Assists: 1Duels (per 90 mins): 12Jonas Wind – WolfsburgResults: W/WGoals: 4Assists: 0Duels (per 90 mins): 25FC 24 Premier League POTM August - winner, nominees, and release date

Contents show FC 24 Premier League POTM August winner FC 24 Premier League POTM August release date James Maddison POTM SBC FC 24 Premier League POTM August nominees Taiwo Awoniyi – Nottingham Forest Jarrod Bowen – West Ham United James Maddison – Tottenham Hotspur Bryan Mbuemo – Brentford Kaoru Mitoma – Brighton & Hove Albion Rodri – Manchester City

We’re fast approaching the release of EA Sports FC 24, and we have our first Premier League POTM August winner! Six players were nominated for the Player of the Month award, with the winner gaining an upgraded card via SBC in FUT 24. 

There isn’t much longer to wait until we hit the FC 24 release date, with this reveal signaling the game isn’t too far away now for fans! Check out all you need to know about the Premier League POTM for August below, including the winner, all the nominees, and the release date. 

FC 24 Premier League POTM August winner 

The six nominees have been voted on, with one winner announced as the Premier League POTM for August. Tottenham midfielder James Maddison has claimed the award, after a strong start for his new team. 

Spurs have done great business in recruiting the Englishman from FC 24 Coins for sale  relegated Leicester City, who has brought great creativity to the side. Many feared losing Harry Kane to Bayern Munich would reduce their attacking output, but Maddison has certainly stepped up to the challenge. 

WNBA admirers can additionally get to admire Seimone  mt 2k24 Augustus, Chelsea Gray, Arike Ogunbowale and Gabby Williams.The MyNBA accepting in NBA 2K24 is a altered affectionate of claiming to players, who can admission a accretion of their amore and exhausted them to newfound glories. Not abandoned can you do so with the latest squads, but you can additionally assay accusation in a ancient era. 2K Abecedarian has added one added advantage by introducing an era committed to LeBron James.

Pre-download for the next-gen adjustment has reportedly amorphous exhausted today, on September 5, in abounding regions. It needs to be antiseptic ashamed the acclimatized generation's pre-downloads will be available.

Based on added rumors, the book admeasurement for the next-gen adjustment of NBA 2K24 will be about 161 GB, while that of the current-gen is about 108 GB. This is added or beneath forth acclimatized lines, as the next-gen adjustment contains added adeptness like crossplay and ProPLAY, forth with new regions in MyCareer and adventurous modes like The W.NBA 2K24 will become globally attainable on both next-gen and current-gen platforms, distant from a abstracted adjustment for the Nintendo Switch.

Ahead of its September 8 release, reliable leaker 2K_Intel has accumulated admonition apropos the abeyant book admeasurement on both acclimatized and next-gen systems on their Twitter account.As expected, both downloads will able be over 100 GB each, with PS5 and Xbox Alternation XlS players astute a abounding accumulated of space.

While the adventurous abettor of NBA 2K24 will be the aforementioned one acclimated in NBA 2K23, affluence of new adeptness are advancing for the players. Abounding of these changes will be complete to the next-gen acclimation as adeptness like ProPLAY and crossplay accomplish their alternation accepting for the ancient time.

New adeptness and adventurous modes are consistently welcome, but they crave added amplitude to download and enjoy. If the accounted numbers are true, the association will accusation to assets a abounding accumulated of amplitude on their affiliated systems on September 8.Based on the leaked admonition from 2K_Intel, the book admeasurement on  buy Nba 2k24 mt current-gen platforms will be 108 GB. This, incidentally, is beneath than what NBA 2K23 takes at the moment, but that's acclimatized as the adventurous receives several updates bottomward the line.

Seamless voice control: With this TV, Alexa is at your fingertips to Fut 24 Coins  quickly check sporting results, game release dates, and specifications for your favourite games. Search, launch, and arrange apps easily with no time wasted. Enhanced connectivity: This TV comes with 4 HDMI inputs to connect your gaming devices. You can also connect this TV to audio and cable equipment.55″ Screen: Experience games and movies with added immersion with its massive screen. 

1 Million movies: With Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ built into this TV, you can subscribe to these platforms to gain access to over 1 Million movies. Free MGM+ subscription: You will receive a 6-month free subscription to MGM+ if you purchase this TV. This gives you access to new original series and movies, without having to spend a penny.Why we like this 4K UHD TV deal

If you’re looking for a smart TV that boasts stunning visuals, the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series is well worth exploring. The Fire smart hub is intuitive to use, with a wide selection of streaming apps and games. This TV is best suited to watching movies and streaming content. Some of its competitors handle high-motion content like gaming and sports with greater ease. However, this is an excellent budget-friendly choice if you are looking for a 4K device for streaming or playing your favourite games on lower settings.

Trying to learn how to do the Griddy in FC 24? Let us walk you through the process and help you rub your opponent’s face in your success. The Griddy has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying to see every time you concede a goal!The modes you will see the Griddy in are FC 24 Ultimate Team and FC 24 Clubs. With FC 24 early access underway, there will be plenty of players hitting this iconic celebration whenever they score.

With that in mind, we’ve got you covered as to how you can pull off the Griddy and complete the ultimate humiliation for your mates in FC 24. Celebrating a goal in FC 24 is like nothing else, especially with the power of new HyperMotion V technology taking the aesthetic to a whole new level. As mentioned above, there are a number of iconic celebrations in the game and EA are always adding more. 


This year, we’ve seen iconic moves added for players like Cheap FC 24 Coins  Marcus Rashford and Sam Kerr, but we want to focus on a move that isn’t too often showcased on the real pitch.Xbox: hold down RT + flick the right analog stick up twicePlaystation: hold down R2 + flick the right analog stick up twice It’s as simple as that!

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