Lost Ark: Tytalos seems to have issues that make it too difficult to complete from AnneBullock's blog

Amazon Games is warning Lost Ark players not to waste time on Tytalos raids after a recent patch broke something, which also makes Guardians very hard to beat. If you need Lost Ark Gold, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at MMOWTS for cheap and 100% safe.

Tytalos was destined to be a very tough boss, but it turned out to be too hard to beat. Beating it at the recommended item level in the 20 minute time frame is nearly impossible, and even players a few hundred item levels higher seem to have a very hard time dealing with it. There's been a lot of debate about Tytalos on the Lost Ark forums and Reddit these days, with everyone debating whether the raid should be so hardcore. And, with so little information about the mechanics and tactics known to Guardian Raids, it's less certain what's going on.

A post after that has also confirmed that the fight is indeed broken, and a fix has been rolled out. The post reads that there is a real issue in Tytalos Guardian Raid that makes it extremely difficult for players to defeat Tytalos within the time frame of the desired power level, preventing the game from progressing. The post also adds that it is highly recommended to avoid the Tytalos Guardian Raid and not waste precious time and resources on currently underperforming encounters.

While it's unclear what went wrong with reaching, players believe that some boss mechanics don't work properly in the group format. Yet many people report that when they go it alone, things go well.

The post also said that those trying to fix the Tytalos problem may receive some form of compensation. They didn't specify what the compensation would look like, though, and Amazon said they'll share more about it later. Click here to Get Secure Lost Ark Gold Fastly.

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