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The Overlords of Outland update is the first content update for WOW TBC Classic, bringing players new raids and Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold expected features such as guild banks and group search tools.

This first content update includes entering Serpentshrine Cavern and defeating Lady Vashj in Overlords of Outland or defeating Kael'thas Sunstrider in The Eye of Tempest Keep.

Players still need to complete multiple other raids, lengthy mission chains, and heroic dungeons before participating in this new content. This update also means the beginning of a new arena season. If you complete the season, you can get new equipment, and introduce two new factions to gain reputation, and then redeem rewards.

In addition to the above content, this update also adds the function of receiving the guild bank that players are looking forward to. Before this feature update, the leader of the guild usually needs to make multiple first-level characters, and then put the various crafting materials and supplies of the guild in the backpack space and bank storage space of these first-level characters. You should be able to imagine the trouble of this operation process. Players operating the guild bank need to log out of their main character. If one or several bank characters are used to log in to the game again, then they will coordinate the materials before them. The emergence of the guild bank has greatly simplified this process, and members can now easily deposit and withdraw items.

Overlords of Outland also brought a group of browser in-game tools. This tool allows players to list his WOW Classic TBC Gold team or themselves, which can be used in various activities, such as dungeons, PVP, and raids, so that players can send and be invited more easily. It is important to know whether the interaction between players is good or not, which is an important reason for whether people love as a multiplayer game. Before this tool appeared, players could only manually invite players into the group by using the chat function.

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