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If we want to build a good team in FUT 22, then one of the things we must know is how to get coins quickly. FIFA 22 Coins is the main game token in FIFA 22. If we have a lot of coins, we can better help us play the game.

However, we usually need to participate in many schedules and other activities in the game to accumulate these coins. So, at this time, if we know what appropriate Cheap FUT Coins activities to participate in, this might save us some time.

In FIFA 22, the most important way to obtain coins is obviously to participate in the competition. At the end of each game, players will receive corresponding coins rewards based on their performance. So, the more we play, the more coins we earn. And we can also unlock gold bonuses through milestones and season progress, so whenever we complete the game, we can also receive additional gold coins.

In addition, if we acquire new players and they are not suitable for our team, we can sell them. Or put players on the live Transfer Market, but this usually applies to selling the most popular players. In addition, your consumables can also be sold in packages such as managers and stadiums.

You can also go to the transfer market to see some players on sale and buy rare cards before the auction ends. Moreover, you can also grab a profit by bargaining and then putting the card back into the market.

Or you can also participate in Division Battles and Squad Battles, which are the two most profitable modes in FIFA 22. If we participate in these weekly challenges, we will not only get regular gold coins, but also some additional rewards.

Of course, using all of the above methods to obtain FIFA 22 Coins has a common disadvantage, that is, they all take a lot of our time. Therefore, if you are usually busy at work or cannot log in to FIFA 22 for a long time due to other things, then buying FIFA 22 Coins may be a good choice.

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