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Among the vast arable resources in the New World, there is the elusive Fae Iron. There are eight powerful weapons that span game styles that can be crafted with it. Players learned about the importance of Fae Iron in upgrading their equipment during the testing of the new world. They are very useful and very rare at the same time.

Rare resources like Fae Iron are much more difficult to obtain than mining resources like gold and iron. Its location is not difficult to find, but its drop as a trophy Buy New World Coins makes its resources very rare. To find Fae Iron, players must have the highest luck at the time. However, there are ways to improve luck temporarily and permanently.

Fae Iron can be obtained by mining iron ore scattered on the fictitious Attnham Island in the United States. When the player mines iron ore, although they always only get iron, they can sometimes get Fae Iron. During this period, players can continue to dig until they find Fae Iron, but if you want to find Fae Iron faster or more, it is best to improve your luck to increase the chance of dropping loot.

In the new world, players can use Azoth to make a pickaxe and use this item to obtain higher mining luck characteristics. There is also armor, which can also increase mining luck characteristics. Although some items provide permanent mining luck to the player, the most effective way to increase mining luck seems to be temporary. Players can temporarily increase mining luck by eating some food. Players can cook a variety of recipes to make these foods. Players can cook baked potatoes when the cooking level is zero. This food will provide players with a small amount of mining luck. If the player's cooking level is higher, the more recipes can be used. There are other foods, such as roasted potatoes with herbs and boiled potatoes, which can provide a higher level of mining luck.

When the player has gained extra mining luck through cooking or wearing equipment, they can start mining iron ore. You can increase mining luck by eating dishes or wearing equipment. When you are ready, you can start mining wildly. Although the chance of Fae Iron falling from iron ore veins is very low, players will always get a high enough mining luck in the end. Want to make all kinds of weapons and equipment you dream of? Then try to collect Fae Iron. Earthen Smasher, Earth Battered Axe, Twig of Azoth Tree, Hunter's Longshot, Branch of Azoth, Hunter's long shot and other powerful equipment can be crafted through Fae Iron. Each of these weapons has a different game style. From rangers to tanks, used by any profession.

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