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Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the release date for the newest raid on Zulman, part of the fourth phase of World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade. In addition to Zul'Aman, players can expect other updates and changes including raids and dungeons, new additions to leather crafting, and new bosses that drop the Medal of Justice. By the way, if you need a lot of WOW TBC Gold in a short period of time, visit MMOWTS now and enjoy the best price!

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the doors of Zou'Aman will open. Azeroth's heroes will be able to battle Zul'jin and his followers at 6pm EST. The trolls are ready in their territory, and they are eagerly waiting for any heroes who dare to set foot in the former capital of Arman. Many players from all over the world Buy WOW TBC Gold From MMOWTS.

The trolls who swore allegiance to their leader Zul'jin inhabit the former capital of the Amani tribe, and the blood elves join them as nasty enemies. In order to gain more power, he eagerly accepted a plan proposed by the witch doctor Malakas, that is, to seal the power of the animal gods in the body of the most powerful warrior of Amani.

Zul'Aman is a new 10-player raid that includes 6 bosses, Nalorakk, Akil'zon, Jan'alai, Halazzi, Hex Lord Malacrass, and lastly, Zul'jin. Like the other raids in the expansion, it will also be part of the final game content, so players will have to level up to level 70 to enter. But you don't have to adjust before entering, it has a 3-day reset TBC Classic Gold lockout.

Although Zul'Aman is about to bring an unprecedented time-limited challenge, players will also have the opportunity to receive Amani War Bear rewards after completing it.

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