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Cheap Bullet Box, Rated for .22/.17 Caliber tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell cheap paper shooting targets.the price of hunting gear is hunting gear Canada.

RATED FOR .22 CAL PISTOL OR RIFLE: This steel target is specifically rated for soft nose lead .22 or .17 rimfire bullets. When using .22LR, a minimum target distance of 30 yards should be observed; when using .17 rimfire, a minimum target distance of 75 yards should be observed.

TARGETS INCLUDED: This portable bullet box comes the monster clip shown and includes 2 Accu Blue paper targets, allowing you to hit the range after the quick and easy setup.

SAFE DOWN RANGE: The angled back plate and bullet trap area capture spent ammunition from the intended calibers of .22 or .17 rimfire.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This portable shooting range only weighs 20 pounds and comes with an instructional DVD. The hex head assembly bolts and hex wrench are also included.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Our product features heavy-duty powder coated steel construction offering maximum durability to accommodate even the most avid of shooters. The product’s dimensions are approximately 5 x 11 x 14 inches with a 10 x 11 inch target area.

I exclusively use this for .22 pellets on pump air rifle and pistol.


1. Very solid build


1. About 1/2 the time, the pellets bounced off the back and did not fall into the catch bin. Knowing this, I don't know if I'd shoot any real bullets at it. Perhaps the added velocity would just cream the lead and not have it bounce back out, but I didn't buy it for shooting real bullets at it.

My setup

I knew that all bullet boxes have tendency to bounce off the back and the box on the floor would do me very little good. basically built a frame (very tight) to hold the box in place and mounted it on a saw-horse leg. This now provide the elevation I need for me to shoot using a bench or standing up. I also stapled (using a staple gun, not a stapler) a cardboard box to prevent the pellets bouncing off the back and being tossed back out.

I noticed many questions regarding how effectively this catch will work for BB/Pellet guns. I've had it for almost a year and I can tell you with no hesitation what so ever that it works wonderfully! I have a breakbarrel .25 that hits at 700 fps (EASILY) and it barely leaves a mark on the backstop of this catch. Occasionally I take a bit of coarse steel wool to work down some of the ding marks and then hit those spots with a bit of black spray paint. Looks good as new.

I will say it's HEAVY so I went ahead and built a stand for it out of some spare 2x4s so that it's about head level.

If you have any concerns about ricochets I duct taped a bit of inch thick pink foam insulation to the front of mine. I simply spray glue my targets on, shoot til they're done and peel them off. When the insulation is more holes than foam I just cut a new piece from the large sheet I bought and in a few minutes I'm shooting again.

This thing ROCKS! Dont hesitate to buy it - especially for the price!

Every bit as good as ones twice its price. Had to make sure threads were correct for bolts. Assembly takes a little figuring out since there are no directions or diagrams. Used antiseize on bolt threads since the taps were exposed/untreated steel. That way moisture or humidity won't start from threads & seize bolts in future. The target holder rods had to be drilled a 1/16th inch larger to allow ends of rod to slip in place, a small retrofit for an otherwise sturdy & useful backstop. I had an old one (rusted out at welds) where I put an old facecloth(s) in the oval trap area to slow pellets & bullets or reduce the richoceting from within. This unit can be disassembled in future to coat with whatever to keep it in shape, unlike my old one (of 30 years) that rusted from welds within area you couldn't reach.

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