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cheap bore snake gun cleaning kit for sale Toronto

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The bore rope scrapes gunk out of the barrel and follows with a smooth cloth to wipe it brush and lubricate in one quick pull-through. Note: Each item includes 2 bore brushing for 22 Cal .223 Cal & 5.56mm + 38 Cal .357 Cal .380 Cal & 9mm + 30 Cal .308 30-06 .300 .303 & 7.62mm + 12GA Gauge.

Gun Cleaning Kit Canada

1. Brass weight slips easily through barrel.

2. First floss area relieves foreign particles prior to the scrubbing action of the brush.

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3. Bore brush embedded in the cord loosens hard deposits.

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4. Main floss area with 160 times more surface area than a brush like no other product.

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The nylon bore rope absorbs gun brushing solvent well and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown.


You can roll a up in your pocket in the field and then run it through a couple of times to relieve dirty quickly. It is great application for the military and recreational shooting.

any idiots that say these break are using the wrong size for the wrong caliber. you have to be smarter than your mouse clicker! leaving bad reviews because you are stupid, is stupid. stupid is, stupid does. these work great!


Great price and works very well. When I first used, it was very tight and I didn't give it enough lube in front of the wire bristles, but after the first past - it became easier. I would recommend adding more than a few drops before the wire bristles and two more places several inches afterwards - so to do more cleaning and lubing. It's easy to use an holds up very well.

Good snake bore cleaners, work well, cleaned my firearm with them. Pleased with purchase.

Product works well, I would buy again.

better than the metal rod.

I use Bore Snakes to give a final clean and oil the barrels of my shotguns. Bore Snake says you can wash them and reuse them but I never do as I don’t want powder residue in my washing machine so I just throw them away when they become really fouled. These work just as well at half the price and I don’t worry about throwing them away when fouled because they are so affordable.

I first learned about these from my Carry Class Instructor. They are a great and quick way to clean your guns. One swipe and you are done.

I have several of the name-brand bore snakes and just needed a few more to keep in an extra range bag so that I wouldn't have to keep transferring the ones I have from one bag to another or remove them from my cleaning kit. These are considerably less expensive and I can't tell one bit of difference between them and the name-brand ones. Well worth getting. If you've found these on Amazon, skip the name-brand ones and get these.

Using the Gun Bore Rope is the fastest method to clean the gun bores effectively. It is made of excellent materials and for tough cleaning I just add bore solvent cleaner to the bore rope. The gun bore rope is washable and reuseable. I am replacing an existing bore rope which I used for over three years. Highly recommend the product.

Paper Target Stand Clear Bullseye Targets Sheet sale Toronto

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Adjustable top & bottom hotizontal bars fit the target range of 3 to 23 inches.

Shooting Targets Toronto

Made of high quality solid steel structure. Trident pedal design for quick and sturdy insertion into the ground.

Comes with 8 metal clips, it can hold two targets at the same time to save time and increase shooting competitiveness.(Paper targets are not included)

Gun Cleaning Kit Canada

Invisible screws to prevent damage during shooting, extend the service life of target stand.

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Three-section iron structure for ease of transport or installation.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this items quality. Its intended to be a quick set up target holder and it does its job. Its strong, adjustable and comes with extra clips for the targets. Its stout enough to push into hard dirt and it stays steady in the breeze. Just what I was looking for. I would reccomend it to others.

These target holders are well made from steel and are very durable. They are completely adjustable and easy to use. They hold two targets which makes them flexible for various uses. They are easily assembled and disassembled which makes them very easy to transport. I use them with Airguns but they should work well with small caliber firearms as well. i highly recommend them.

Good quality in a small box. It would be better if the legs were longer and stake style to better pound in the ground. It would be really great to have a nylon pouch to put it in for use week after week going to the range. Great product for the price, I would gladly pay more for a couple more features.

Sturdy enough to hold two paper targets. No backstop, so be careful where you place it. Rather small parts so somewhat tedious to assemble. Be patient or be frustrated. Any Staples sold paper clip will work when you blow one of the supplied parts apart. (clear off the paper!)

I love it. 5 mins to assemble. Can use most any size targets. Holds 2 targets.
I used mine last night to zero 2 different rifles. I shoot one a each target. Then walk down to check.
Love it so much i ordered a 2nd this morning to put out at longer ranges.

light,well thought out. this is best for small cal.will last long time if you don"t hit frame.breaks down very well,I carry it in a brief case.for the price this is a great deal.

Great product, pretty sturdy. I've accidentally hit it a few times with a .40 S&W and a 12 Guage slug and it's a bit mangled but still in one piece.
Best Gun Bore Brush for sale Toronto

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The core is a single piece of brass wire that passes through the threaded brass coupler, guaranteeing that the core will never separate from the coupler in the barrel.

Gun Cleaning Kit Canada

Each brush contains the maximum number of bristles that can be inserted for the caliber, 20% more than standard brushes
VERSATILE: Bristles are made from high-quality bronze that are aggressive enough to scour away lead fouling, copper fouling and powder residue.

Offered in a variety of calibers, Tipton's Best Gun Bore Brush packs ensure a closer clean.

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Most bore brushes have brass bristles but a steel core. Check yours at home with a magnet. This could possibly scratch your rifling or corrode with certain chemicals. These are ALL BRASS. 100% idiot proof, which is great. They can never scratch your gun.

These really are “the best” 22 cal brushes I have found. My use is in one of the stations on my motorized case prep/trim center. Trim, chamfer, and debur cases then run them down the brush.

gun cleaning pellets

All other brushes I have tried won’t hold up past 800-1000 pieces of brass and then I’m changing them. This Timptons best brush has been thru 2,400 cases so far and just getting to the point where I’ll will change it out for the second one in the pack. For my use these are a consumable item, so now that I have tried a 3-pack, I will order in bulk next time.

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These are great brushes, exactly what I wanted and couldn't find locally to clean barrels. Everything around here was nylon bristles or stainless steel bristles. They are long though; probably suited more for rifles than pistols. However if you have a semi auto with removable barrel it won't be a problem, a revolver... maybe not so much. However, a quick snip with wire cutters can shorten it to any desired length.

I've only really "used" one of the three so far but it seems to be holding up well, cleans very effectively, and didn't flex or scratch my BA barrel. All three were of solid construction, minimal flex, and slid smoothly through the barrel without binding or catching.

For the price, these are great! Backups are really nice to have - especially if you clean after every range or hunting trip.

Got these large caliber ones because they are tough to find anywhere else. They do what is expected of them and the quality seems good. I would buy these again.

Great little bore brushes for a great price for three!