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Amazon stands out in Diablo 2 Resurrected's 7 classes because of her versatility, and you can give Amazon character a strong build.

If you want to deal high damage then Amazon is really a good role to play. She's often seen as a pure DPS character, especially when in a team.

Amazons can deal physical and magical damage, which increases their Diablo 2 Resurrected Items versatility.

She can deal massive long-range physical damage to groups, as well as high lightning damage to bosses.

You can build her differently, you need to configure her skills correctly, as well as properly assign attributes.

The directional arrow is the most important skill if you want to be better against a single target, it can also do multiple shots on groups. However, multiple shots are unnecessary as this will only increase the mana cost and the number of arrows consumed.

So, you'd better just set as many points as possible until you can shoot 13 arrows per shot. Also, it's worth noting that adding skill items saves skill points.

In the passive skill tree, Impale is the most important skill, and it increases your damage. You can use this skill to break through opponents and effectively deal with groups.

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