Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Ranked Season has exclusive content and lasts for 4 months from AnneBullock's blog

Last week, new details of the upcoming Diablo 2 Resurrected patch have been released. This patch will finally introduce the ranking of the game, and it announced more details in the community live broadcast hosted by MrLlamaSC.

Chief designer Robert Gallerani has more details about the release of the ladder, each season will last 4  months.

Gallerani said that three months is too short, and six months is too long.

The game team chose a four-month season. There are three unique seasons a year, which is the best setting for all types of players.

Players will have four different levels to choose when creating a new character, including standard ladder, hard core ladder, standard extended ladder and hard core extended ladder.

Players can also use some new rune words that have never appeared in the game before. These are rune words unique to the season and cannot be used by offline characters.

After the season is over, these rune words will enter other versions of the game, and the developers hope to add new rune words at the beginning of each season.

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