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Blizzard announced that it will adjust the upcoming 2.4 patch, so this will give Diablo 2 a first-class balance change after more than a decade. This expands "building diversity" and provides more opportunities to explore the unique abilities of each profession.

However, the patch applies to Diablo 2 Resurrected, not the original game from 2000. But this is still a huge change for loyal D2R Items players who have been using it for many years.

Blizzard wrote that this patch is very special, because it has been more than 11 years since the last patch that made a balance change to the profession in Diablo 2. After 11 years, they talked about making new changes to expand the diversity of character construction, but at the same time retaining professional fantasy and professionalism. They are currently reviewing underutilized skills and changing the quality of life for tooltips to achieve these goals more.

By enhancing some underutilized melee skills, players will have greater motivation to use them. The martial arts and trap skills of the assassins are being re-evaluated, as are some of the barbarian combat skills and skill coordination requirements. The druid is strengthening the summoning, bearman and elemental skills, and some specific summoning of the necromancer is also being adjusted. In addition, the skills of some paladins will be changed, and the aura of area damage will also be changed, which will be more effective when used at close range.

Another major change in the 2.4 patch is the addition of the ladder game. Players will have the opportunity to unlock the new Diablo 2 runes that are only available in the ladder. At the end of the season, every player who successfully completes the Word of Rune will transfer his character to the non-ladder version of the game. And, in order to be able to obtain additional rewards, they will replace the new role in the next season. Although the relevant details have not yet been determined, but Blizzard is considering making the ladder season last four months.

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