New World: The winter update has been delayed and a new release date has not yet been announced from AnneBullock's blog

Amazon Game Studios postponed New World's upcoming winter fusion seasonal events, and the December monthly update was also delayed. They also did not disclose the relevant date.

This update is to overhaul many systems that have been criticized in the game. For example, the plans for crafting, PVP, and loot tables were reset, and a new final New World Coins Buy game resource was introduced, called plaster.

Winter fusion is a festive event, and ice caves and winter villages will appear in Aeternum. There are 7 new missions of level 25-60 that will reward players with time-limited items. It is the first major event in the new world. However, now Amazon Game Studio seems to have postponed the event without hesitation, and has not yet confirmed a new date.

A community manager said in a very brief forum post and tweet that they will not release this update for the time being, and please continue to pay attention to the monthly update announcement in December. Its response to this announcement was also criticized by some players as being too concise. On the other hand, some players believe that considering that New World's previous hasty updates will always cause some problems, it may be a good thing to delay the update.

New World has a strong start, but over time and with each update, Amazon has accumulated a lot of hostility in the player base. Especially in the update at the beginning of this month, it is full of unexpected production and resource collection weakening. This means that compared with old players who have already played before, it is more difficult for new players to upgrade.

In addition, the players strongly opposed the announcement made by the developers to change the way the watermark and New World Coins equipment score work. Because these changes will make buying armor from other players worthless.

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