New World: Nearly 8,000 accounts using robots have been banned from AnneBullock's blog

As the flagship project of Amazon Games, the developers of New World announced on Thursday that automated collection New World Gold activities or "botting" have been banned for thousands of accounts.

Just like many other massively multiplayer online games, in New World, players can collect resources from the environment, such as herbs, ore, leather, fish or meat. Moreover, these resources can be used to make very useful in-game items, such as armor, weapons, food or potions. These resources can also be sold to other players for profit.

But this usually leads to the creation of a third-party program called "botting" in the community. Most games have clear terms of service prohibiting these programs, but they still continue to appear in these popular MMOs. Players can set up a script in their role, that is, "robots". These robots will collect resources while the player is doing other things.

The difference between New World and other MMOs is that they allow players to collect various types of resources at the same time, but this also creates a unique deflation problem in the game. Most notably, many players in New World reported that due to the influx of robots on the server, the value of the in-game merchandise has become lower.

After a recent report on the issue was published on PC Gamer, Amazon Games has also taken action. They issued a related statement.

They said that they are aware of player reports about the increase in robot activity in New World, and robot problems have brought continuous challenges to MMOs. The game team has deployed specialized tools and resources to identify and fight against these robots. They said that the game team will be committed to continuous improvement to deal with robot problems. And they banned more than 7,700 accounts using robots in a single day on December 1. The game team wants to make sure that New World is fun and fair for all players.

Before Amazon started taking action, New World players had already found their own way to deal with these robot problems in order to entertain themselves. Because the New World Coins scripts of these robots are not that complicated, players have been able to break their own patterns by setting obstacles in the path they pass or by involving them in battle.

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