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Salarin: Lucien arrived here one week ago complaining of RuneScape gold being dizzy. He had just been defeated by eight men who had assaulted him without a reason and killed six of them. He said that he had never felt so satisfied since he instilled some of the energy from the Staff of Armadyl into himself to cure the Curse of...

The patient needs to be treated, as I was saying prior to your interruption. Therefore, I'll be giving him a potion composed of my secret herb, some Zamorak's wine, as well as some of those berries that ogres appear to have plenty of. This key is to obtain the herb. This key is twisted. Salarina Torstol, Wine of Zamorak and Jangerberries are all you require. Before you leave, hide behind the nearby statue, and watch Lucien come in.

Have you taken my drink yet? You are right here. Excellent. It's time to move on with some crucial business. This stone was my most significant disappointment. Movario is either going to show me how to use it, or even decorate the fireplace of my new palace. To fulfill my dream I'm thinking I'll try to steal the power of Seren.

I'm sorry Lord. Many Zamorakians are split on this issue. concerns whether you should take on this role, I don't think Iorworth will allow you to do that.... Iorworth? Who would have thought I would? I'll just soak up Seren's power from far. I'm sure there's an ideal location somewhere. Perhaps Movario knows. I just need to track the coward.

Incredible for an outsider. What made you decide to move to Solar Isle? I arrived at Solar Isle to seek an entry into The Solar Tribe. To be a member you must defeat the Ethernal Gardians. They can be found in the depths of the Solar Dungeon as well as within the Lunar Tunnels. There's only one method to buy OSRS GP rid the world of Ethernal Gaurdians.

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