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One Solar Guardian kneels down, and old school runescape gold throws the nightmare logs into the hole. A second Solar Guardian kneels down and illuminates the nightmare logs with the Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. You must stop right there Savarain Solar!

Right click on the orb, and then select Call Lunar Force. (Player name) You fooled us but I was able to see your deceit all the time! Lunar Force Appears and Savarain makes a snap, directing the guards to strike. They hit 75s on all the Lunar Force members, and they collapse. Prepare for the fight of your life!

Solar Guardians become Solar Guardians (Level-90) Kill 2 of them. Then, two more will come out currently at level 45. Kill them. Take a bite of food and prepare for a major fight! By the power of the SOLAR TRIBE I herewith SUMMON SOLARUS From the hole ghosts appear and flys down to the earth. He will get much more visible and clearer for the eyes of a human until he becomes human. Solarus (Level-225).

Take a Prayer Potion and arm yourself with the best weapons. Keep your shield from Melee on when his staff becomes an Wulyxiaora or a Mace. Protect from Magic is available when the Staff returns. He will lose the Solar Isle Sunstaff once the death of Savarain. Along with his Guardians, Savarain will snap out of the trance. Thank for your help, (Player Name). That evil ghost is now gone! Even even if you're an Lunar Fool, you can be a friend of Solar Isle.

Dawn of the Awakening. Quests: While Guthix Sleeps The goblin quest idea I had a while ago, Ghostly Robes MiniQuest, the rest will have been completed anyways. Skills include: 65 Slayer, all of the necessary abilities for rs07 fire cape quests, and any other skills I may have left out.

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