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More than 1,200 players have been permanently banned by Aamzon for using loopholes to copy coins and resources in New World. They have also used similar non-compliant game systems for housing, which has led to economic and trade problems. The item post was cancelled.

As a community manager, Luxendra explained in a New World Coins blog. He explained that the first wave of bans occurred on November 2. The game team estimated that they eliminated more than 80% of the scam coins and coins from New World’s game economy. Item value.

The community manager believes that the remaining illegal items will continue to damage the gaming experience of most players. Because it does not affect the players or the world in an equal way for all players or the world, and it has a more significant impact on players who pursue the final game goals and equipment. It has had an impact on the most dedicated players, and Blizzard is very sorry for this. These people use cheating items to obtain the hard-earned results of other players. This is really frustrating, and it is also a process that harms the economy.

The Amazon gaming team banned another 460 players from using the original transaction or the updated housing vulnerability on November 15. Doing so will be able to delete about 98% of the remaining items and coins in the game. The remaining few deceived items are due to the fact that the player accidentally discovered this problem but did not take more excessive steps, so they will not be banned.

Amazon Games also investigated how the deceived items will ultimately affect the progress of the game, and they found that the highest level of equipment did not increase significantly. We can check the blog post to see all the findings of the game team, although the developers are still checking the list of more detailed items related to house utilization.

Amazon’s recent blog post followed his decision to Buy New World Coins shut down the New World economy again after another repeated loophole that began to spread over the weekend. This is a new loophole that allows players to copy player items, and as this loophole spreads, the game market has also been affected.

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