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Jagex will release EoC in order to (hopefully) solve the grind. Personally, I'm fine with EoC or not EoC. I'm just hoping to RS gold see them reduce the speed of swifts, spellcasters and the goliaths. Anyone who is GF is an GF.

The issue is in how you tackle the problem of grinding. The most effective way to boost the amount of XP is to use more advanced content. But, it must be grouped to ensure that you don't end up mashed into pieces. It's sort of similar to Dungeoneering. The content at the top would provide you with food/pots or cash enough to purchase food or pots. It's important to ensure that it's not accessible. I think it could be a success.

A fascinating issue with regards to gloves vs. chaotics. It's hard to determine the time difference between chaos and gloves. I don't know the precise time-limits. However, the levels of combat and quests necessitate more skills. (On an excellent team, you may be able to reach chaos with just a good combat ability) however, they it is still necessary to put in the effort. While it's possible that they've wrongly balanced certain aspects of the information however, it's also possible that additional weapons will be on the way with more demands. But, they could have been announced on the HTML5 blog.

It's possible to still possess one of the strongest weapons available even if you're chaotic...just not the most powerful however, it's the second best. If you're not rolling into PvP or M circles, then you're probably not "go figure" or a "good fighter or anything else. However, I'm sure the majority of chaotics have this. Based on what I've been told it takes time to acquire the gloves however, it's not as important as a talent.

Jagex appears to be implementing slowly this intriguing idea. Each player has to mention it that the hunter-specific DnD Moths let you obtain private hunting zones. Bonfires also eliminated competition and encouraged group training. Runespan requires players to collaborate to locate runespheres. This could be required because of its latest upgrade.

If I was in charge of the strategy overall for skill development, I would work to establish a system that would increase the frequency of skill-based updates. These are the kind of skills that depend more on skill rather than time. For instance, Agility could be improved to ensure that all courses provide more than the standard option. If you're competent enough, you can accelerate your running in exchange to a faster rate of buy OSRS gold speed and more xp.

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