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This year's inclusion of four factions to choose to play against and against is a nice addition but it doesn't go beyond the 2k22 mt initial selection of one in the first place with the MyPark/Neighbourhood mode as it is. The new MyCareer mode remains the largest update to NBA 2K22 since your player, commonly referred to as MP (which does not, as you may have guessed is a slang term for "My" Player') builds an NBA career and brand empire.

Although the work is easy, it's the details and variety that will entice the majority of people. The MP you choose to use will be in close alignment with your long-time partner and brand manager Ricky as you pick agents, navigate scandals on social media, as well as broaden your MyCareer outside of the court and the game of basketball. Are you looking to become the fashion expert? You got it. Are you looking to follow the footsteps of Dame Dolla and have a singing career.

All of it is within NBA 2K22. While these extracurricular activities rarely go beyond a handful of hilarious cutscenes or fetch quests, it's a nice inclusion as a large portion of the conversations and choices address life beyond the NBA and what it means to be more than only an athlete.

Celebrities can have heightened consequences for their actions. It's not necessary to partake in any way, as you can simply tear through game after game in pursuit better statistics as you build up your MP, however I appreciate the depth, range and variety.

MyCareer is afflicted with the same problems that plague the series for a long time. As your performance throughout games is based on the same system for grading in previous iterations and you're frequently penalized for issues that are completely out of your control. For instance, your team could be assigned to protect an opponent in a particular way, but when confronted with a screen will choose to fight and go with your designated player.

Randomly, the designated player swaps with the one who was screening them. They are then able to run off to the other side the court, and are not being watched. The court will penalize you with massive 'leave defense assignments or "defensive break down" penalties that could affect the performance of your team, but it isn't your to blame. This isn't a huge problem but it's one that is long enough that it has finally make cheap Nba 2k22 Mt me angry to the point of mentioning it here.

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