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If you can best build your sniper ability in New World, it is very important to focus on the impressive skills and passivity of the weapon in the master tree.

In New World, we can use 11 different weapons, which basically constitute its level system. However, few can have a long-range attack range like a Amazon New World Coins bow.

If you are happy to be an archer with high agility and long-range firepower, then I believe the following methods of optimizing bows and arrows will help you.

The bow and the musket are the only two long-range weapons that use agility, but the player must spend time reloading the musket, so if you want a faster and more flexible option, the bow is the most suitable.

Because it mainly uses the agility attribute, it is helpful to pair it with another weapon in the attribute tree. If the player wants to have the ability to fight at close and long distances at the same time, then the rapier and spear may be a good choice. In some long-range or warfare, it is useful to construct a full-range attack range matched with a bow or musket.

No matter what weapon we match, along with different mastering trees, the bow can provide many functions. Before we allocate points in either way, it is important to understand what we hope to gain from the construction of the bow.

For example, there are many passive skills that can help archers perform actions in the most efficient way, but it is best to make sure that you have Evasive Tactics, Battle Precision, and Bullseye at the same time. These will help our debuffs to be more effective, and will also keep our damage output at a high enough level, especially after we dodge.

Of course, we can also try any other weapon in New World according to our own wishes. The high degree of freedom of the game supports players to explore and discover more new ways of playing.

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