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Amazon's MMO New World is experiencing a crisis of deflation, so players are beginning to hoard money to trade goods.

The economy of New World, the latest MMORPG game launched by Amazon, is suffering from some phased New World Coins problems. In detail, the currency on which its economy is based is in a crisis of deflation. This leads players to trade for goods rather than spend their hard-earned coins.

For those who do not understand this term, deflation refers to the decline in the price of goods or services. This trend is sometimes related to the shortage of funds in the economy. Since the currencies of the New World are currently very scarce, they are also very valuable. Thus players choose to barter rather than give up these precious coins.

According to PlayerAuctions, the currency provided through monster drops, salvage and various missions is still not enough to compensate the number of coins required by the player. The prices of commodities such as handicrafts have also fallen, because the value of these commodities is not as good as the value of the currency itself.

Trading with 1,000 pieces of linen, 20 eggs, and 600 ore or 40 steel-reinforced star-shaped metal tools has become a very common thing, which is the same as what can be seen in hunting and gathering societies.

This phenomenon brings potential disasters to players, because certain items and fixed action costs will make production, repairs, and property taxes more expensive. The housing tax in the game has even become a particularly maddening experience, and most of the coins earned by players are absorbed by maintenance costs. Many people do not understand why taxes are levied on video games.

According to PlayerAuctions, if this currency crisis continues, earning coins may become more difficult for players. There is almost no profit in the professions in the game, and the prices of finished products and production materials are almost negligible. If the player's Amazon New World Coins progress in upgrading their profession does not earn them the reward they deserve, they may feel frustrated, which may even prevent them from logging in to the game.

For this situation, perhaps Newworldcoins can help you to a certain extent. Because it provides New World players with a large number of price concessions, quantity and safety of New World Coins. If you are interested, you can go to the official homepage for a detailed understanding.

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