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Shortly after the release of FIFA 22's first major content update, EA once again announced the upcoming #2 patch. According to the developer's introduction, this update involves a lot of content, but the main purpose is to reduce the difficulty of AI players. In the previous period, many players complained in the community that the performance of AI was too powerful in some cases. What is more disturbing is that the AI team will not even be punished by the referee after a foul.

The update reduces the effectiveness of AI-controlled players blocking lobbed passes and crosses, in keeping with the FUT 22 Coins patch notes.

This is a big and welcome change - before this patch, AI-controlled players were able to stretch too far when attempting to dam lobbed passes and crosses. It absolutely was pretty annoying!

Sticking with AI nerfs, CPU AI teams are now more likely to commit fouls during matches played on the semi-pro difficulty and above. Before this patch, you'd often find the CPU could knock lumps out of your players without punishment, as if the referee was incapable of finding his whistle.

These AI changes are going to be welcomed by people who play Ultimate Team's Squad Battles, I imagine. Squad Battles could be a player vs CPU mode during which you've got a group number of games to earn rewards weekly. Nerfing the AI should make it a touch less of a slog.

There are lots of other changes made by this patch, but I need to focus on one non-gameplay one: on PC-only, the patch addresses some instances of visual stuttering that occur after performing skill moves during matches.

However, I am unable to see any note about the reduced visual fidelity some FIFA 22 players have reported on Xbox Series S. In keeping with EA Sports' FIFA Trello board, that issue remains under investigation, as Cheap FIFA 22 Coins is that the customisable pitch line colour problem we reported on recently.

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