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For some Path of Exile players, they may think that Scion is weak and useless, but if they really understand Scion and adopt the correct build and buy Path of Exile Currency for it, then it may play its greatest strength. Some players may not like the saying that she is a know-it-all, but she is a class starting from the middle of the passive map, so she may have an effect on every aspect. For novice players, if they don't know, they can easily fall into the trap. Here are some tips for novice players.

Look At The Ascendant Tree First. Players usually do not need to look at their Ascendancy options before defeating Lord's Labyrinth for the first time. This means they can spend time on the main passive tree first, and then spend time figuring out how to trade with other people. Players will also buy POE Currency to buy better equipment. Scion has only one Ascendancy option, creatively called Ascendant. Before putting any points into the passive tree, the player should know how they will fill the tree.

Go To Extremes. Looter games are still very active this year, and Path of Exile is a happy part of this group. However, to make players fall in love with this game, you need to find expertise. Initially, Scion didn't have such a thing. This is easily solved by making a path to external passiveness as a priority. The temptation can be close to the starting point, but it also means that this class has a lot of health and mana and has nothing to do with it. And some players may choose buy POE Orbs to enhance its gain effect.

Connect Opposing Passives. After reaching one extreme, quickly move to the other extreme. There are many reasons why players choose Scion, the only reason is that they can do two very different things at a high level. Players usually prepare enough POE Currency to make the game journey more interesting. Elemental archers and aura-buffed slayers are two of the many great builds that people have done with Scion.

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