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There are many professions in Path of Exile for players to choose from, which is why it is so popular. Because players can create their own characters according to their own ideas, they can also buy POE Currency to equip their characters with better equipment. Here are some classes of C-Tier Ascendancies in Path of Exile.

Hierophant. Hardly entered B-Tier. When the ritual started, Hierophant was weakened, and it lost its unique ability to summon two additional totems. However, this category received additional POE Currency on the nodes surrounding Arcane Surge, making it an attractive option for Mana-based constructions. Specifically, the builds around Lightning Spells, Arcane Surge, Arcane Cloak, and Archmage are all good for Hierophant.

Pathfinder. Because of its affinity with flasks and poisons, Pathfinder was previously one of the best Ascendancy in the game. It has seen some weakenings and changes, and is now in good condition instead of being suppressed. This category still provides great benefits for Exiles who are willing to delve into the Flask game style, and may be very effective for some specific builds. One of the best examples of a good Pathfinder build is Toxic Rain, which benefits from chaos damage and AoE increase, as well as gaining more projectiles by using Unique Flask Dying Sun.

Slayer. It is one of those evergreen Ascendancies, especially for melee builds involving skills such as Cyclone. This is because Slayer's inherent high Critical Strike Chance when using weapons makes it a juicy choice for attack-based constructions that rely on critical strikes, AoE, and possibly immunity to reflected physical damage. Another alluring element of Slayer is its built-in enhanced "Culling Strike", which means that Slayer can instantly kill enemies with less than 20% health.

Raider. As one of the weakest Ascendancies, Raider finally got a change not long ago, making it an incredibly viable option for mass builds, from Dexterity-stacking builds to Toxic Rain, from Elemental Hit strikes to Blade Blast. Raider is very versatile, especially because it can easily get Frenzy Charges, Onslaught and Phasing. Of course, wanting to increase damage is also very simple, as long as you Buy POE Orbs to buy powerful equipment.

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