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Red mercury liquid: Exceptional mercury altogether its glory

Mercury is one among the hardest-to-find metallic elements. You can’t catch on from the crust in abundance as cinnabar is way from being bountiful in it. And when it involves finding pure red mercury, it’s often like looking for the grail . Few elements are rarer than this reddish liquid metal, but NEMBUTALPLUS makes it widely available.


We offer red mercury purchasable as an addition or alternative to its silver counterpart. almost like it, this product also can be utilized in many industrial processes where thermal and electrical conductivity plays a task . But unlike the shiny white liquid, mercury as red droplets has improved density that goes as high as 20.2 g/cm3. That’s why it are often utilized in a variety of applications where quicksilver doesn’t cut it.


What makes our pure red mercury your best choice?

Here’s a rule of thumb: if you’re after commercial-grade red mercury, never choose whatever comes your way. the value of poor quality or, worse yet, a fake Hg product could also be too high.


You can bid farewell thereto with NEMBUTALPLUS as your red mercury supplier. We pride oneself in building our own team of chemists who work days and nights to ensure:


99% within the purity level of our red mercury

superior liquid quality

high density

additive-free substance

With this quality of red mercury, you'll increase any applications you would like it for. Plus, we've many reddish liquid and may fulfill even the most important orders.


Made to red perfection, delivered safely

At Nembutalplus , we take shipping even as seriously as red mercury processing. Because it’s a toxic substance, we always put safety labels on flasks for risk-free handling and transportation. Besides that, we suits all shipping requirements to form sure no hazardous properties of red mercury enter the equation.


If you purchase red liquid mercury online right here, you won’t got to pick it up anywhere but your selected destination. we'll deliver flasks to your warehouse door, regardless of what percentage of them you order. and that we will do this as discreetly as possible.


Want to request the small print on our red mercury prices and place your order? Get in-tuned with us to proceed. We assure you that our liquid Hg will cost you but with other suppliers.

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