Yellow Baltic Amber Silver Clasp


Date & time Jul 21 '22
787-13TH Street East North Vancouver V7L 2M6 Canada
Creator amberkrafts boutique

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Yellow Baltic Amber Silver Clasp

The yellow Baltic amber silver claspis a unique type of mineral. Today, it produces more than 80% of the amber that is discovered worldwide. Even in ancient times, it was admired. Amber's value is still quite high now. Even raw minerals have beauty that can captivate someone. People all across the world are delighted with the jewellery we make from it.

The yellow Baltic amber silver claspis popular throughout. This mineral, which took thousands of years to form, exudes warmth from the sun, recalls of a beach holiday, and is delightful because of its naturalness. That is why it feels and looks so good.


On the skin, a yellow Baltic amber silver claspare particularly attractive to women. And there are a lot of these.


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