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Date & time Jul 16 '22
taaaf boutique
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taaaf boutique


Welcome to Taaaf Boutique, the online marketplace for distinctive goods made with genuine amber gemstones. It is the only place to find genuine, unusual amber jewels, including handcrafted originals and priceless antiques. We are established in British Columbia, Canada, and are able to ship products anywhere in the world.


The selection of beads from Taaaf Boutique has always represented more than just faith and trust in addition to jewellery. We appeal to everybody who is passionate about vintage authentic beads. Amber beads have been made, exchanged, passed down through generations, lost, and even buried over thousands of years. An ancient civilization's myriad features and historical information can be told by a bead. We exclusively sell exquisite amber products.

Website- https://taaafboutique.com/

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