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A diablo 4 gold player warns others to exercise caution while dealing with bosses in co-op mode, revealing that ineffective communication could be deadly.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is a superb game to savor with friends, but players have to be extra careful when dealing with bosses together. Some of the bosses in Diablo 4 are very challenging, sometimes prompting players to use unorthodox tactics to beat them. Enlisting the aid of a friend may appear like a fantastic way to go, but doing this comes with its very own set of potential pitfalls.

Taking on Diablo 4 in co-op mode enables players to look around the world together because of the robust multiplayer system; co-op partners can quest, loot, and trade together while building characters that complement one another, but it doesn't mean the sport will be a cakewalk unless the World Tier 1 (Adventurer) difficulty is chosen. Unfortunately, even in the easier difficulties, there are several problems that may arise unexpectedly.

A Redditor named ThatSuitsGuy has shared a PSA of sorts, reminding Diablo 4 players that they'll die to some boss if their co-op partner skips a cutscene. A good idea would be to discuss cutscenes with one's co-op partner before dealing with the game together and choose beforehand whether or not to skip the cutscenes or otherwise. If it happens that certain skips a cutscene for reasons unknown, finding yourself in a Discord server together and alerting one's co-op partner immediately might save them from losing their life.

To complicate matters, there's a game-breaking bug of a certain Diablo 4 side quest that will prevent players from completing it if a person of the players dies while fighting a frightening boss called Cyhrach the First Born. Cyhrach can serve as the final challenge from the Call from the Ancients questline, even though the objective is going to be cleared once he's taken down even if a person's co-op partner is dead, the following objective doesn't appear. Players are then instructed to wait for the mission to restart; exiting or resetting the sport doesn't seem to assist, therefore it might be best to avoid dealing with this quest with friends until Blizzard fixes the problem. It is unknown when it is going to be patched.

While the sport might end in tragedy for a lot of players, Diablo 4 is one of the most exciting games of 2023, annually that may be remembered as one of the best for gamers in the recent past. Perhaps the problem with players getting killed when their co-op partners skip cutscenes could be resolved inside a patch that either means they are unskippable in co-op mode or skips them for everybody until then players will need to ensure that they discuss whether or not they want to watch the cutscenes or otherwise before learning hard way.

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An Elden Ring Items player creates Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones and shares the sliders they did so so.

elden ring items

An Elden Ring player has established a very accurate recreation of Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones in FromSoftware's open-world action RPG. Elden Ring players used the game's character creation tools to recreate a myriad of fictional characters since its launch this past year, with fresh creations shared through the game's community regularly.

Since Elden Ring's lore was crafted by Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, it seems sensible that lots of fans used the game's character creation tools to recreate a number of Martin's most well-known characters. Elden Ring fans happen to be creating Game of Thrones characters within the game for more than a year now, although the latest generally is one of the most accurate up to now.

Reddit user SoulfearicAcid has established a very accurate version of Jaime Lannister in Elden Ring, filled with armor that does not look unlike armor worn by the character within the hit HBO series. This Jaime Lannister recreation has over 18,000 upvotes during the time of this writing, with lots of fans impressed by the creation. Some requested the sliders showing how SoulfearicAcid made Jaime Lannister in Elden Ring, which has been shared in a YouTube video.

How to Make Jaime Lannister in Elden Ring

This isn't the first time that somebody has attempted to recreate Jaime Lannister in Elden Ring. Jaime Lannister is one of probably the most popular characters in the books and TV series, therefore it is really no real surprise that he's been popular for Elden Ring players to recreate within the game.

Other Game of Thrones characters have gotten an identical treatment from Elden Ring fans. For example, there happen to be multiple attempts at creating Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister's younger brother, in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring's character creation tools have earned a lot of praise, and creations such as this take on Jaime Lannister allow it to be easy to see why. FromSoftware's next game is Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, and it'll primarily feature characters piloting giant mech suits. Considering this, it is possible Armored Core 6 will skip through an extensive character creator like buy eldens ring runes, but there should be plenty of customization. The game is going to be all about assembling the ideal mech suit, so Armored Core 6 players should still have lots of opportunities to stretch their creative muscles with FromSoftware's next game too.

Elden Ring has gone out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

An Elden Ring Runes player witnesses an enemy make use of an attack they've never seen before despite playing the sport for over 400 hours.

elden ring items

An Elden Ring player sees an enemy make use of a new move after working over 400 hours in the sport. The open realm of Elden Ring is stuffed with secrets, and fans continue to be discovering something totally new hidden in FromSoftware’s latest release.

As a good example, one user found a brand new interaction between enemies in Elden Ring despite having spent 800 hours playing the sport. In this case, the ball player was fighting the Great Wyrm Theodorix boss, however, they managed to aggro a close Giant Land Octopus. This followed a tense fight between your enemies because the gamer watched the battle from afar. Now, another Elden Ring fan comes across a brand new attack utilized by an enemy despite playing it for more than 400 hours.

An Elden Ring player sees an enemy make use of a new move after working over 400 hours in the sport. The open realm of Elden Ring is stuffed with secrets, and fans continue to be discovering something totally new hidden in FromSoftware’s latest release.

As a good example, one user found a brand new interaction between enemies in Elden Ring despite having spent 800 hours playing the sport. In this case, the ball player was fighting the Great Wyrm Theodorix boss, however, they managed to aggro a close Giant Land Octopus. This followed a tense fight between your enemies because the gamer watched the battle from afar. Now, another Elden Ring fan comes across a brand new attack utilized by an enemy despite playing it for more than 400 hours.

Many players within the comments section state that they've spent countless hours in the realm of Elden Ring, but this is actually the first time they're witnessing a skeleton make use of this move. It appears that this attack is sporadic, as several gamers claim that they can have finished multiple playthroughs of Elden Ring without ever seeing it being utilized. One player calls this discovery both horrifying and hilarious, while another user mentions that Giant Oracle Envoy enemies can also make use of a similar move.

Elden Ring continues to be out for more than a year, so it’s surprising to determine that players continue to be discovering new moves after playing the sport for countless hours. It’ll be interesting to determine if any more hidden secrets in Elden Ring have yet to be discovered, although many of them have likely been shared online through the user base.

Earlier in 2023, FromSoftware confirmed that Elden Ring will get a brand new expansion called Shadow from the Erdtree, and fans can get it to follow along with a similar blueprint because of the base game. Like cheap elden ring runes, this DLC will likely be filled with a lot of secrets that could not be revealed until months after its release.

Elden Ring has gone out for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

2023 is a great year for Lost ark Gold and there's lots more exciting content in the future every month between now and August. There’s never been a much better time, to begin with more raids, dungeons, and character classes en route.

lost ark

The MMO RPG has had some big highlights this season, from the crossover with The Witcher series to a different continent to understand more about, new raids, the Artist class, and explosive PvP battles – which was just part one.

Now, not just has Lost Ark’s exciting roadmap been revealed but the Lost Ark dev team has directly addressed the fans in an open letter, which detailed their top priorities.

First, though, let’s look ahead as to what the players can get to enjoy this spring and summer using the latest Lost Ark content roadmap. This one runs from May to August, but you will see more content to appear forward to following this too.

Lost Ark’s May to August Roadmap

Here’s what’s visiting Lost Ark in May right through to August 2023:







Starting served by this month, here’s what’s visiting Lost Ark in May 2023:

Slayer Advanced Class

Following in the footsteps of the Artist Advanced Class in March, the brand-new Slayer Advanced Class will arrive in May. This female spin around the Berserker class would be the fifth Advanced Class within the Warrior category.

The Slayer is made for combat, using her greatsword and Burst Mode to reduce foes effortlessly. Burst Mode is unleashed once the Slayer fills their Fury Speciality Meter, letting them boost their attack damage and movement speed to dominate the battlefield.

The class may have their own Speciality skill unique for them, called Bloodlust, which will unload a devastating number of slashes and thrusts into enemies to seize victory.

Finally, the Slayer class will release its very own power pass and progression events for individuals who want to begin from the start. Needless to say, this is a class for individuals who like to wake up close and personal using their enemies.

The Ebony Cube

The Ebony Cube will merge the Boss Rush and Cube events, by which heroes fought off hordes of enemies. The new event combines all of the rewards of both modes but offers to reduce the grind, meaning players will discover clearing waves of enemies much more enjoyable than ever before.

The event will feature three levels:

1st Forbiddance – Item Level 1302+

2nd Forbiddance – Item Level 1490+

3rd Forbiddance – Item Level 1540+

Keep an eye around the Lost Ark website to see what’ll occur to the remaining tickets and the way to grab brand-new ones. It’s also worth mentioning that the devs intend on tweaking Knowledge Transfer to assist character progression and lower some of the prerequisite conditions and duration.

Players will even start receiving free battle components of Guardian Raids (highly relevant to each Guardian) to make use of within each, in addition to instructions on how to make use of them. These items will disappear following the raid and can help new players get through earlier raids and prepare them for later ones. This should be a good way to assist new players get caught up and being a part of more events.

Proving Grounds Season 3

Season 3 of Competitive Proving Grounds PvP also arrives in May and can allow players to prove themselves like a warrior and climb up the season’s ranks – while earning rewards. Although seeing your company name at the top of the leaderboard might be reward enough!

It starts in May, but there’s no confirmed end date for Season 3 of Proving Grounds and can likely go on for several months.


Here’s what’s visiting Lost Ark in June 2023:

Elgacia Continent

While February brought the Rowen Continent, June 2023 allows players to go to a new location, the Elgacia Continent. Not a large amount is known relating to this mysterious new region, but what we should know is the fact that it’s being invaded by Demons and just the Heroes of Arkesia can stem the tide.

In the lore, this really is due to the coming of Kazero, which has caused Dimensional Rifts to look all over the planet. Now it’s Elgacia’s use face this threat. To access the brand-new area, players must reach Kadan and Nineveh who’ll lead them there.

The region will feature key locations like the city of Light, Eronnor, the Hestea Garden, and also the sacred Mount Phylantos. To enter the continent of Elgacia, players must first reach Level 1460.

Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon

Dungeon diving has become a draw in Lost Ark and also the good news is that a brand new Abyssal Dungeon is going to be released in June as part of the updated content plan. This time it’s Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon, a four-player area that reveals once the primary Elgacia story continues to be completed.

It will feature various difficulties based on each player’s level, but naturally, the greater the setting, the richer the spoils!

Fortunespire Floors 26 – 50

The next 25 floors from the Tier 3 Tower will even be released in June, providing players with new battles and challenges to overcome in addition to some valuable rewards. Who’s heading right to the top?


Here’s what’s visiting Lost Ark in July 2023:

Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid Inferno Mode

For people who enjoy an infernal challenge, the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid gets an Inferno Mode. These raids would be the toughest from the tough and just truly elite players are going to be able to survive, but people who do earn not just the bragging rights, but the best rewards too.

Inferno Raids aren’t nearly finding the very best in-game rewards, they’re about proving your battle prowess around the world with titles, achievements, and Stronghold structures to become won.

To take around the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid in Inferno Mode, you’ll first need to become Item Level 1475 and have a full build set-up within the Book of Coordination.

Elgacia Epilogue

By July, players may have had a whole month to understand more about and complete the story around the Elgacia Continent. This is once the Epilogue quests will release, continuing the storyline and seeing the way the continent is rebuilding once you stop the Demonic hordes.

Music Box of Memories

Not only will July have a variety of quality-of-life updates for Lost Ark, but it will also even introduce the Music Box of Memories. This item allows you to locate ‘Memory Orbs’ while out going through the world. Placing a Memory Orb into the Music Box allows players to see new stories based on the memories they collect.

We’re looking toward exploring the memories of Arkesia’s denizens to determine what secrets and rewards could be discovered. Who knows what stories are going to be waiting for us within the Music Box of Memories?


Here’s what’s visiting Lost Ark in August 2023:

Akkan Legion Raid

August brings another Legion Raid, this time around designed to prevent the Plague Legion Commander Akkan whose corrupted flesh has become causing disease and pestilence to spread across Aetanople. Worse, his spells are resulting in the souls of the dead carrying on to walk the planet, plus they need to become put down.

To reach the bottom of the menace and defeat it for good, players will have to journey to Arthetine and defeat Akkan in a brand new eight-player Legion Raid. The normal and hard versions from the raid are arriving in August.

The entry requirements for that Akkan Legion Raid are listed below:

Normal: All 3 gates could be entered with Item Level 1580

Hard: All 3 gates could be entered with Item Level 1600

Aeromancer Advanced Class

August will bring a brand new Advanced Class to Lost Ark, the Aeromancer. This female illusionist is going to be able to conjure destructive spells and manipulate the weather around the battlefield – all while equipped with a deadly umbrella.

Once the Aeromancer’s Sun Shower Raindrop Meter fills she’ll have the ability to increase offensive attack power and movement speed. However, her weather fronts not just batter enemies, but additionally protect her allies.

While enemies are constantly damaged, the Aeromancer’s companions will get a defensive buff because they’re protected by her storm.

The Aeromancer Advanced Class will launch in August together with her own power pass and progression events.

Sonavel Guardian Raid

August won’t only bring the Akkan Legion raid, it'll introduce the Sonavel Guardian Raid. This raid might find players hunting the first kind of Elemental King Levanos who’s been corrupted and converted into Sonavel, and who now seeks to destroy what he once swore to safeguard.

To challenge Sonavel within this new Guardian Raid, players will have to hold an Item Level of 1580.

Post-August content

Part 2 of Lost Ark’s 2023 content plan could keep players entertained until the end of the summer with new raids, classes, regions, and stories to understand more about. The content roadmap also promises various bug fixes, store updates, events, and much more quality-of-life improvements to optimize the player’s experience within the coming months.

Lost Ark is going to be releasing content monthly throughout the year for the remainder of 2023 – even beyond August. So, keep track of our Lost Ark content to become one of the first to listen to about it.

How Lost Ark will end up more appealing for newcomers and veterans

As well as revealing the Arkesian goodness players can look toward in the roadmap, Lost Ark’s developers released a wide-open letter that explained how they are going to be making the sport more accessible for brand new players whilst retaining what veteran players have started to love.

For those experienced players, there's going to become an added focus on keeping them hooked and rewarding the time they invest into Lost Ark. This will make sure that players always enjoy returning around the world of Arkesia and also have the best experience.

As well as updates towards the Argos Abyss Raid (browse the full details here), this means addressing the main topic of dailies. While some players have required a reduction in Daily Tasks, a number of other players love them because they are invaluable, especially to hardcore players. Therefore, the devs are actively researching the very best ways to get this to system work with everyone.

While returning players are now being catered for, the Lost Ark dev team is actively spending so much time to make the sport welcoming for brand new players. New players are joining Lost Ark all time – and sticking around – but just like any leading MMO RPG, there’s a great deal to learn, as well as for some players, this might be their first experience using the genre.

The great news is the fact that

lost ark boosting

has become even easier for brand-new players to understand as they attempt their first quests across Arkesia. Players will find reaching level 50 a less complicated experience, letting them catch up with their friends quickly to become listed on them in raids and dungeons which were formerly only for high-level players. Improving the Battle Item Experience gained will even allow players to advance more quickly.

New players will even find it easier when collecting horizontal content materials with Runes/Tripods/Cards/Gems increasingly plentiful, permitting faster upgrades.

The Silver Honing system is going to be expanded once the Slayer class arrives using the aim of reducing players’ reliance upon silver and honor shards. This should make gear progression easier going forward and it is a welcome change, especially for individuals who want to create alternative classes after initially deciding on the one they started with.

The ‘Knowledge Transfer’ system will even be tweaked to avoid the have to replay story quests. Going forward, players should only have to go through each story quest once (unless they decide to again). The aim is to become able to advance with as few restrictions as you possibly can. More is going to be revealed soon when it comes to the improvements in Knowledge Transfer.

It’s important too to point out that the devs also have said that you will find plans in position to lessen the number of bots within the game. It’s clear that players have much to appear forward to and it’s refreshing to determine a team of developers actively striving to enhance everyone’s experience.

A further update is in the future in articles in May, once again changes happen to be implemented. So far, the reception for this letter, and also the level of transparency provided, continues to be overwhelmingly positive.

It’s great to determine game devs who're actively listening to the community and making changes to boost every player’s experience. There really hasn't been a much better time to visit the planet of Arkesia.

Looking to understand all of Arkesia’s heroes? Be sure to take a look at our other Lost Ark guides:

Artillerist | Deadeye| Gunslinger | Sharpshooter | Bard | Sorceress | Deathblade | Shadowhunter | Berserker | Paladin | Gunlancer | Scrapper | Soulfist | Striker | Wardancer | Reaper

YouTuber RS_Lionheart took a minute to buff himself before fighting Miquella's twin sister

Elden Ring Items legend Let Me Solo Her may want to watch his back, as another Tarnished has gone out here creating a name for themselves by killing Malenia, Blade of Miquella in a short time span. Sure, Let Me Solo Her may have beaten her over 1,000 times, but this person killed Malenia in roughly 15 seconds. It’s among the quickest times I’ve seen yet.

elden ring items

Scarlet Rot Queen Malenia is definitely an optional boss in FromSoftware’s most widely used Souls game yet. Encountered in Elphael, Brace from the Haligtree, a legacy dungeon found in the northernmost part of The Lands Between, Malenia is notorious for her difficulty and one-hit kill potential. In stats FromSoft dropped earlier this year, it had been revealed that Malenia was attempted some 329 million times. While that number doesn’t reflect player deaths, I’ve without doubt Malenia’s body count is incorporated in the millions only at that point—though struggling Tarnished could always contact Let Me Solo Her via his summon sign to obtain a little assist with the two-phased fight.

Or they might just watch Redditor RS_Lionheart for useful tips, who absolutely murked the Goddess of Rot in 15 seconds on, understand this, New Game+7, the greatest difficulty Elden Ring provides after you’ve beaten it eight times over. That’s lots of journeys through The Lands Between.

Beating Malenia the short way

In an April 20 YouTube video, RS_Lionheart displayed exactly how he bodied Malenia. He starts the clip having a dizzying variety of buffs and consumables which range from the Golden Vow (an incantation that increases attack and defense) and also the Frenzyflame Stone (a consumable that continuously restores your HP), amongst others. After almost 50 seconds of having swole via performance-enhancing goodies and rotting steroids before Malenia’s fog gate, RS_Lionheart walks into the depths from the Haligtree to start the fight. He skips the intro cutscene and finishes the very first phase of the battle in seven seconds while using cross jumping slash attack of two Bandit’s Curved Swords.

Once her famed second phase begins, RS_Lionheart throws a Freezing Pot consumable to ground Malenia, then proceeds to jump-attack the winged queen to death. The total time it took? Just a little over 15 seconds.

The Elden Ring build for beating Malenia’s ass

In Reddit messages with Kotaku, RS_Lionheart, which has 15 different characters across two accounts and nearly 2,100 hours in cheap elden ring items, explained he stacked a few different buffs to the character he imagined to be able to beat the brakes off Malenia so quickly.

“Before the start of the video, I used Seppuku twice to lower my health insurance and sorted my inventory by recent acquisition,” RS_Lionheart said. “Then, I used a Frenzyflame Stone to begin the buildup of madness, then Golden Vow. After that, I drink a Cerulean Flask and used the Ash of War: Cragblade on my small left-handed Bandit’s Curved Sword. I then switched my Dragon Communion Seal for an Antspur Rapier and used Bloodboil Aromatic.

After this, madness ought to be inflicted, so I swapped the Black Dumpling Helm towards the Mushroom Crown and drank another Cerulean Flask, then my Physick (Thorny Cracked Tear and Stonebarb Cracked Tear). Then, I inflicted poison on myself with two Roped Fetid Pots, swapped the Mushroom Crown towards the White Mask, and inflicted hemorrhaging using Seppuku again using the Antspur Rapier. Once hemorrhaging was inflicted, I swapped the Kindred of Rot’s Exultation and also the Lord of Blood’s Exultation towards the Red-Feathered Branchsword and Claw Talisman. After that, I switched the Antspur Rapier to my other Bandit’s Curved Sword and applied Cragblade again before heading with the fog gate. Also, it’s important to note the other talismans I used were Millicent’s Prosthesis and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia to enhance successive attack damage. I also wore the Raptor’s Black Feathers to improve my jump attack damage.”

According to RS_Lionheart, he’s helped a great number of other players struggling against Malenia either by placing his summon sign near her gate or offering suggestions about his YouTube channel. She already includes a massive health pool, however, in New Game+7, her HP is increased by nearly 40 %, making her even more challenging. While he couldn’t recall just how many players he’s lent his dizzying buff-based technique to, it’s not something RS_Lionheart is especially fond of doing for one reason alone: Lag.

An unlucky Elden Ring Items player loses an astonishing 137 hours of gameplay progress on view world action RPG.

One unlucky Elden Ring player has lost a lot more than 137 hours of gameplay due to a corrupted save file. Elden Ring fans immerse themselves within the game's vast open world, battling through relentlessly challenging combat to unite the shards from the Elden Ring and be the Elden Lord. For many, the satisfaction of progress within the game is a vital part of the Elden Ring experience, and losing that progress could be devastating. This is really a stark reminder of the importance of saving data and also the ever-present chance of data corruption, which could strike at any time and rob gamers of the hard work they've invested.

elden ring items

Data corruption is definitely an issue within the gaming world, along with the rise of massive open-world games like Elden Ring, the possible loss of progress is becoming even more significant. Players can spend countless hours exploring, fighting, and leveling up their Elden Ring characters, simply to have their progress wiped away with a corrupted save file. The need for regularly saving data, keeping backups, and employing protective measures can't be overstated, as the possibility of a loss of progress could be crushing for dedicated gamers.

Recently, a heart-wrenching story of information corruption surfaced around the Elden Ring subreddit. Reddit user Franklesby shared a picture of their screen, revealing that they lost a lot more than 137 hours of gameplay as a result of a corrupted save file. The screenshot shows the player's character at level 176 in Elden Ring, which indicates a remarkable amount of time and energy invested in the game.

The unfortunate player explained within their post that they tried every method available on the web to recover their Elden Ring progress but with no success. What makes this loss much more devastating would be that the user had almost completed the sport, with only three main story bosses (Maliketh, Godfrey, and Radagon) and something optional boss (Malenia, Blade of Miquella) remaining. The sudden lack of progress, especially so near the end of the game, has undoubtedly left the Elden Ring player feeling disheartened and frustrated.

Data corruption is really a risk that gamers face, even though there are methods open to prevent or mitigate the harm, often even the most diligent efforts cannot save a player's progress. In the case of Franklesby, their story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of saving data and also the devastating impact that data corruption might have on a player's experience of Elden Ring.

As the buy elden ring items community empathizes using the plight of Franklesby, it is vital to remember the need for regularly copying saved files and employing protective measures to prevent a similar fate. Data corruption can strike anytime, and being prepared for this unfortunate eventuality is important for all gamers who invest hours and hours into their favorite games like Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has gone out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have released instructions to the Lost Ark Gold community. They acknowledge falling short in a number of ways but invest in improvements on bots, the standard of living changes, and alleviating frustration for brand new players and also the overall player burnout. There will also be a brand new roadmap update coming in a few days. The letter to the community is open because the teams both promised greater transparency and communication moving forward after the Western launch. “We notice that we’ve fallen lacking accomplishing our desired relationship”, they acknowledge, and explore how they expect to do better. One of the major problems may be the ongoing battle against botting. During the newbie, the team makes efforts, including massive ban waves for bots, in addition to making adjustments towards the game as well as the rewards and economic climate to try and stop the supply of early gold making botting less appealing. Since this is a burglar issue, there are not many details, however, they say that over 55 billion bot gold continues to be removed by their efforts and there’s a 99% reduction in bot activity. When you are looking at new (or even more casual) players, there’s a degree of frustration along with a feeling of not being able to keep up, for some reason. One is really a faster content release cadence compared to the original Korean version, meaning there’s a great deal to do, constantly. Another is in some of the multi-layered requirements for honing and also the need to replay content to advance. Both of these are going to be addressed, with work to create collecting such things as runes, cards, and gems easier, to enhance efforts to create honing more possible. Some other changes will lessen the repeated content and improve access for alts, in addition to letting players use battle items free of charge in early-tier Guardian Raids. The additions with frequent content updates imply that there are a lot more feelings of gatekeeping and difficulty with so a lot more to memorize and don't forget and complete, they want to reduce repetitive content and they're going to have more down the road on what this can mean. Another change doesn't be surprised to see later would be to stop delaying events that were already happening (or higher) in Korea and instead make newer and more effective events happen simultaneously, whilst sometimes having simple Western exclusive events. Since there is lots of work to become done, they're taking a look at late summer to be seduced by the bulk of it, however, they plan to implement whatever is complete when it is done. There will also be a large roadmap update part 2 coming in a few days, so we'll begin to determine just how this may look, along with what else is originating in 2023. The letter towards the community is really a long one, however, it hits a wide variety of points and plans it's important to go through if you are interested whatsoever in starting—or returning to–lost ark gold.