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In previous games, Brewster has worked alongside Blathers in the Museum, but in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he is given his own coffee shop. In accordance with the images shown in the teaser, The Roost will be repositioned to the location where it previously existed in Wild World and City Folk. Despite the fact that updates have been slow lately, an online exhibition has recently been launched, which explores the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players during the pandemic period. In spite of the fact that Nintendo didn't show much, there was more than enough to whet fans' appetites as they teased The Roost and other major announcements that will be made in October. A new Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing Direct, will be released in the not-too-distant future, with significant changes slated for November. 

The Roost is a coffee shop that can be found in the Animal Crossing universe. It first appeared in Wild World, a Nintendo DS game released in 2007. It served as a gathering spot where players could relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, while also providing an opportunity to interact with some of the game's special characters. Wild World players had the opportunity to attend K. K Slider's concerts in The Roost on Saturday evenings, and in New Leaf, players had the opportunity to work in the Café for a few extra bells to supplement their income.

Brewster is a pigeon character who works at and owns the Roost in the Roost series. He's a character who, at least at first glance, appears to be quite blunt. However, after several visits to The Roost, he begins to develop a fondness for the main character. When the player visits the café seven days in a row and purchases coffee from him, he even offers him pigeon milk, which we can't help but think is a little strange.

We can't say the same for veterans, despite the fact that they are enjoying New Horizons as much as beginners are. Nintendo is reintroducing many events from the previous year, which has enraged players who are frustrated by the lack of in-game content. In this regard, here are some predictions for upcoming fall content that may have an impact on ACNH's current state. Turkey Day is celebrated in November, and it falls on the same day as Thanksgiving in the United States of America. Gathering a variety of materials in order to create dishes for your villagers to eat is the goal of this mission. Turkey Day is one of the most iconic fall events that players look forward to, and it provides an opportunity for players to strengthen their bonds with their villagers.

Brewster will almost certainly not be included in the game unless Nintendo includes some sort of functionality with him. Players have the option to relax with a cup of coffee in his store, which can help them develop a relationship with him in the same way that Sable does at the Able Sisters store. Furthermore, he has the ability to offer players a part-time job in New Leaf, which would be ideal for New Horizons. One of the most common grievances players have with their villagers is that they quickly run out of things to say and become monotonous as a result of their inactivity. If players were able to serve coffee to villagers, they would receive new lines, and this could be a great opportunity to rectify the situation.

Interestingly, we've seen Nintendo make a slew of changes to holiday events, including Bunny Day, Wedding Season, and now Halloween, which is a first for the company. As a result, we can anticipate that the Turkey Day celebration will follow a similar path. According to some data mining reports, we may see some changes in the Turkey Day event this year when compared to the previous year. A large number of images associated with the Harvest-furnished items have even been removed by the development team. However, it's likely that they wanted to remove the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack, which could be obtained from Nook's Cranny, from the store. It allows players to quickly learn a variety of DIY recipes on the spot with little effort. In this case, it is possible that the Cozy Turkey Day DIY pack will not be available at the Turkey Day event this year.

Some New Horizons visitors are only available during the day. Both Kicks, the shoe-selling skunk, and Leif, the shrub-loving sloth, must depart at precisely 10 p.   Label, the third and most ambitious Able Sister, as well as the most fashion-conscious, always leaves around midnight. The others are either open all day or only after dark, depending on the time of year. Saharah's merchandise will be available for purchase until 5 a.   Redd, a wandering fox who sells rare paintings and other black market wares, appears on players' islands at random and may remain there for the entire night if they are persistent. In addition, as previously stated, both Flick and C. J. are available for trade, requests, and challenges until the game's official cutoff time for the previous day.

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Other visitors will offer valuable items in exchange for favors, which will be accepted. His appearances are sporadic, but he is only ever present at night, between the hours of 10 p.    and 5 a. In exchange for locating all five of his broken communicator parts, he will ship a gift to the players via regular mail. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game where dedicated fans.

Villagers who are unable to sleep in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The majority of villagers wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. However, the exact times vary from personality type to personality type — normal villagers, for example, wake at 5 AM and sleep at 9 PM, while sisterly villagers wake at 9:30 AM and sleep at 3 AM — but in general, the majority of your animal neighbors will be asleep after sundown if you live in a rural area.

Regardless, one of the pleasures of playing New Horizons is witnessing the intricate programming of Animal Crossing bring NPCs to life and react in ways that the player could never have predicted before playing the game. After hours, villagers are known for having the most intriguing thoughts and behaviors.