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Having ants inside the house is a nuisance. They are extremely difficult to get cleared off and often times they return, parading around ant controlthe house like the pesky little pests that they are. So how do you, once and for all, eradicate ants from your house? Here are 5 easy ant control remedies that you can readily do on your own:

1. Remove anything that attracts ants. Foods, drinks, and garbage attract ants the most. Avoid leaving these items lying on the counter tops, tables, and other surfaces so as not to have ants crowding over them. Food items should be stored either on the fridge or in their designated containers which are sealed or closed well. Clean kitchen surfaces with soap and hot water and keep the garbage in sealed containers. An outside container for garbage should also be placed in order to keep discarded food containers and other trash away from the kitchen. Always have the trash collected in order not to attract ants and flies into them.

2. Block ant tracks with strong smelling spices like cinnamon and garlic. Ants leave their scent which other ants tend to follow hence the "parade" that you usually see. With the strong aroma that both cinnamon and garlic give off, ants will crawl away. It is good to place cloves of garlic and sticks of cinnamon in areas where you usually see the ants coming.

3. Use vinegar, preferably white, as an insecticide spray. Vinegar is a natural insecticide and a fungicide at the same time. It prevents ants from invading the surfaces and is great to use on places where the ants could enter your home.

4. Destroy the ant's sense of smell by placing mint leaves around the house. Doorways, windows, and gaping holes are good areas to leave a leaf or two with. Aside from mint, other plants that work as well are thyme, lavender, peppers, and basil.

5. If the most unfortunate thing happened and there are already anthills present, pouring boiling water on it should do the trick. Anthills are easily destroyed by the boiling water and the heat will kill the ants living in there. Make sure to sweep the remains out of the house and clean the surface with the earlier mentioned remedies.

Along with these 5 remedies, the best way to keep ants away is to maintain good sanitation all over the house. Ants and other harmful organisms thrive on a musty environment so make sure to keep all areas dry and clean them often to avoid a manifestation of these pests. Take the time to keep the house clean permanently.

Unless there is a huge ant infestation that requires professional ant control, follow the above solutions that are simple, cheap, and easy to find. They are quite effective with preventing ants from invading your homes and stop them from building a colony that could mean potential harm for you and your family. With these 5 easy ant control extermination remedies, ants will be kept away from your homes.