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The Elder Scrolls Online has already released a lot of expansion packs, many expansion packs are well received, but there are also some expansion players who don't seem to like it. Some extensions add new areas and mission lines or even new professions in the game, which make players feel interesting and want to Buy ESO Gold in the game. Here are two top-ranked extensions in Elder Scrolls Online.

Greymoor. Considering the number of times Skyrim has been re-released, many players may feel that they have no reason to want to explore the area again. This may be part of the reason why the Greymoor extension of The Elder Scrolls Online is often skipped by many players. It took place in Western Skyrim, encompassing familiar areas such as the city of Solitude, and even a story that is relatively familiar to the story in the Skyrim's Dawnguard expansion: the player must fight against a powerful Vampire Lord who wants to enslave the entire Tamriel. It is necessary for us to prepare for ESO Gold to enhance its strength.

Although Greymoor has introduced the antiquities system, and the new trials and world events introduced by Greymoor are of little benefit to solo or PVE players, it is for those who desire to revisit Blackreach. In addition, the release of Elder Scrolls Online did not add a new player class, so in terms of content worthy of expansion, Greymoor is relatively low, but in any case, it is not wrong for players to prepare a certain amount of ESO Gold.

Blackwood. Blackwood is another extension that echoes the previous Elder Scrolls game (Oblivion in this case), allowing players to explore the Blackwood area while fighting against Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. This part also includes Oblivion's city Leyawiin. This is also the latest new chapter of the game, containing a lot of story content and new multiplayer content, usually the case of the main Elder Scrolls Online online expansion.

Blackwood also introduced companions to the Elder Scrolls online. These companions are NPC characters that players can fight side by side, as seen in the Elder Scrolls games such as Skyrim. At the same time, players can buy ESO Gold to enhance their strength and easily win in battle. Although this may not be an important feature in the eyes of many players, ESO did not include recruitable NPCs in the first few years after its release, but it still paves the way for adding more game mechanics in the future.

Amazon’s New World has been postponed many times since 2020, but it seems that the September 28 release date announced in August will be the date to stick to it. Many players who have played in the previous beta version have already prepared New World Coins, which may be frustrating for players who want to stay in New World for a long time.

But it is gratifying that during the opening night live broadcast of Gamescom, Amazon Games announced that the public beta will be conducted from September 9th to 12th. This seems to be a short time, but it is still exciting news for some players who have been preparing for long-term training in New World and want to Buy New World Coins to increase their gaming experience. This will also mean that players can experience the difference between the optimized New World and the previous one.

The closed beta was postponed in July. After the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the New World delay began in April 2020. New World is an MMO for Windows PC in which players can colonize a fictional continent in the Atlantic Ocean. In New World, there is an interesting mode where players in groups of about 50 can fight each other in large-scale battles. So if players want to win in battle, better equipment and weapons are essential. Players can prepare enough New World Coins to get everything they want in New World.

Amazon Game Studios first announced this game at TwitchCon in 2016, as well as two other PC games: the cancelled Breakaway and Crucible, which was released but not released before development was finally stopped. This seems like a hard process, but here is still hope that New World can bring new dawn to Amazon games. At the same time, the highly anticipated New World can also be launched on time. Players can play it for the first time and use the New World Coins they prepare for the game.

As the developers said, their intention before New World was fully released was to optimize it. Many players have already bought New World Coins, but they have received news of postponement. Although most of us think it is limited to repairing crashes and errors, it looks like they take it a step further. The hallmark of a well-made game is not how well it runs on the best hardware, but how it performs under the minimum system requirements.

In terms of game file size, for New World, players need at least 50 GB of free disk space. To play New World, players need the minimum CPU equivalent to Intel Core i5-2400. It is recommended to use Intel Core i7-2600K to run it. The cheapest graphics card is AMD Radeon R9 280. However, the developer just announced that the recommended CPU will be reduced to R5 1400 AF. This shows that Amazon has successfully fulfilled its promise of optimizing the game, and players can also be excited about it. In addition to preparing New World Coins for the game, this reduction of system requirements seems to be relaxing.

Ryzen 5 1400 is the entry-level chip of AMD's latest Ryzen 5 series for the mainstream market. The 1400 is an economical quad-core 8-thread CPU with a base/boost clock of 3.2/3.4 GHz. Ryzen, this little guy is everything you need to play New World. In terms of system requirements, its predecessor is AMD's Ryzen 5 1600, which is a brand new CPU with the old name of 2017. It is mainly R5 2600 because it is a slower variant series of Zen+ CPU in 2000, but the name is 1000 series.

But for some players who do not understand the technology, what they can know is that New World can run more smoothly than before. This is not only because the system requirements for hardware are reduced, but in fact it also shows that the game can be better used by players after many optimizations. New World will have a public beta on September 9th. Interested players can go and experience it, and they can also prepare enough New World Coins for the arrival of New World.

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Some time ago, New World had a fourth delay, and Amazon Games said it would launch on September 28. Many players who have prepared enough New World Coins are disappointed. Fortunately, there is still less than a month before September 28. And Amazon Games announced on the opening night of Gamescom on Wednesday that Amazon’s upcoming PC MMO New World will start an open beta before the September 28 release date. The public beta is from September 9th to September 12th.

Players will have the opportunity to use the game in a few weeks, even if only for a few days. In the past few days, players can feel the optimized New World, and in the future, players can buy New World Coins to prepare for a better New World. In addition to the public beta, players can also watch a new trailer brought by Amazon Games that shows more beautiful graphics and details of New World.

The public beta of New World was conducted after the acclaimed closed beta, which should give more people the opportunity to try the game before its official release. Like other games from Amazon Games, this game has a disturbing history. It was recently postponed from August 31 to September 28, which is the fourth postponement of the game. But the public beta may be an opportunity for Amazon to solve as many problems as possible before the release of New World. Players can Buy New World Coins after solving some problems, and they can also buy New World Coins to prepare for the later game.

New World can be pre-ordered now, starting at $39.99. Unlike some other MMOs, this game does not have a monthly subscription. All players who have participated in the closed beta and liked New World should know that New World Coins are the most important coin in the game. So if players want to be ahead of other players at the beginning of the game release, then they must prepare New World Coins. At the same time, players can also get relevant information on websites that sell New World Coins such as IGGM. Go!
In The Elder Scrolls Online players can use alchemy or buy ESO Gold to improve themselves. If players are not worried about running around Cyrodiil to occupy fortresses, castles, fortresses or outposts, they will usually try to obtain Elder Scrolls from the enemy alliance. Even running in Imperial City or Imperial Sewers is troublesome. Players must avoid not only enemy players, but also the powerful bosses wandering around these two areas.

There are enemies in every corner, and the right potion can help the player's journey easier. Of course, players can also prepare enough ESO Gold to improve their strength and get better equipment to easily defeat the enemy. There are many mixtures that can satisfy almost all constructions. There are so many ingredients in the game, and the recipes are almost endless, but some potions stand out.

Essence Of Spell Power. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Cornflower, Lady's Smock, Water Hyacinth. This mixture is useful for both PvE and PvP because it adds Spell Damage, Spell Critical, and restores magicka. The healer can also use this potion. For some healing spells, their amount of healing depends on how high the spell damage is done by the caster. Players can use it to enhance their own strength, and can destroy the enemy in a short time, making it perform well in any battle. Players can buy Cheap ESO Gold to get it.

Essence Of Weapon Power. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Blessed Thistle, Dragonthorn, Wormwood. This potion is also suitable for PvE and PvP. It will increase Weapon Damage, Weapon Critical, and restores stamina. It is convenient for any endurance DPS, but it is especially useful for any player who has a sniper. Using this potion before sniping someone will improve the player's stats and can help them eliminate the enemy within 1-2 hits, depending on the bow they have. Of course, players who want to increase their damage can also use ESO Gold to get better weapons.
If players can have an infinite amount of ESO Gold, then they can arm themselves to the strongest state, and ride the coolest mounts in the game to fight or touring everywhere. But this ideal is unrealistic for most ordinary players. In many cases, they have worked hard for a long time but only get very little Elder Scrolls Online Gold, which makes them very helpless. Here are some smart ways to get rich!

First, players can start Tamriel’s journey, which will take them to various places. Although they also need to complete missions or battles to get ESO Gold there, there are many more ways to get ESO Gold in special ways. What they need to do is to invest some points on the Lockpicking skill first. At first, locking finicky can be tricky, especially because players only have up to three seconds to unlock it. Once unlocked, all the loot belongs to them. There are hidden chests everywhere in Tamriel, which contain random amounts of ESO Gold and loot. They can sell these things and profit from them.

Completing missions and selling them to merchants is a slow but easy way to make money in Elder Scrolls Online. If players want to get rich quickly, then selling in the public area chat is their wisest approach. They may have collected a lot of processable resources in Tamriel. Selling a stack of money to merchants will earn the players hundreds of Cheap ESO Gold for themselves, while selling the same materials to players will earn thousands of dollars.

When players first started playing, they were less likely to trust others. They usually worry about trading items, especially rare and valuable items. They can take advantage of the cash on delivery function in the game to relax. After the buyer agrees to the price announced by the players, they can send it to them via in-game mail. The buyer will have to pay the amount of gold listed in the delivery. If they refuse to Buy ESO Gold, it will return the item to the players themselves. If they accept, then players will become richer.
Unique armor can provide some of the best perks. The Elder Scrolls Online is a popular MMO video game with a lot of PVP and PVE content. Each new update and expansion will bring some additional armor sets, players can get these equipment sets, most of which can be crafted in unique forging locations. Of course, if players feel that this method is troublesome, they can also use ESO Gold to purchase equipment directly. Hand-made suits are easier to obtain than most other types of suits, especially if the player’s production character has learned many features in this MMO RPG video game.

Best PVP Healer production set-Kagrenac's Hope. Two-piece effect: +Extra Magicka. Three-piece effect: +Extra Magicka Recovery. Four-piece effect: +Extra Health. Five-piece effect: +Spell Damage, 25 Percent Faster Ally Resurrection, Restores Magicka Upon Ally Resurrection. Crafting Table Location: The Earth Forge. Required Traits: 8

If the player is just starting to play PVP, creating a healer for PVP is the most valuable. This is a good tip. They can save many alliance allies with some abilities, which makes them an important player. However, before diving into PVP, players should make sure that they have a sufficient amount of magic so that they can use one ability after another without slowing down. Kagrenac's Hope suit is very suitable for PVP Healer, because it does not require any grinding to obtain, and can greatly enhance the player's magic and magic regeneration.

If players lack some resources when making equipment, they can also be obtained by buying Cheap ESO Gold. For everyone, not everyone will want to make their own equipment suits. Some players prefer to use ESO Gold to purchase equipment. Of course, everyone has different ideas. In general, I hope that all players who love ESO can get good results in the game.
The Waking Flame update for Elder Scrolls Online will introduce some major graphical changes and improvements to the game. This is what ESO fans can expect. In the past year, Elder Scrolls Online has been rolling out some important graphics changes and improvements for all console players. The latest of them will be released together with the game’s Waking Flame update, which will be released at the end of August. This is what ESO players can expect when the DLC is released. And many players are also buying ESO Gold before the update.

Users of the new generation of consoles have experienced many of ESO’s graphical improvements. Many were also available on PC before the Waking Flame update, and quietly launched last year, but others only went online after the Blackwood chapter of Elder Scrolls Online was released. The new graphics settings are “opt-in” to avoid disrupting existing performance. Also introduced as an “opt-in” experience on the PC is the console rendering multi-threaded setting, which increases the frame rate. With the release of the Waking Flame DLC in late August, some brand new improvements and additions will be added. Players who want to continue walking in ESO can also prepare some ESO Gold to enhance their strength.

ESO’s Waking Flame DLC is about to launch new graphics settings. For the new generation of console users, Elder Scrolls Online’s Waking Flame update will enable dynamic resolution scaling for performance modes on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. This will adjust the resolution up or down according to performing the host. The resolution on Xbox Series X and PS5 is between 1080 and 2160p, and the resolution on Xbox Series S is between 1080 and 1440p. Developers still expect that the new generation of players will still run at or close to 4K in performance mode with a frame rate of 60 fps, but allowing zooming down to 1080p should prevent a significant reduction in frame rate in high-intensity situations.

Another change is the introduction of Cheap ESO Gold, called the default, in all consoles except the basic PS4 and Xbox One. This setting maintains the expected appearance of Elder Scrolls Online’s original artwork, while still taking advantage of the increased graphics range. This will give players a better visual experience.
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