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YouTuber RS_Lionheart took a minute to buff himself before fighting Miquella's twin sister

Elden Ring Items legend Let Me Solo Her may want to watch his back, as another Tarnished has gone out here creating a name for themselves by killing Malenia, Blade of Miquella in a short time span. Sure, Let Me Solo Her may have beaten her over 1,000 times, but this person killed Malenia in roughly 15 seconds. It’s among the quickest times I’ve seen yet.

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Scarlet Rot Queen Malenia is definitely an optional boss in FromSoftware’s most widely used Souls game yet. Encountered in Elphael, Brace from the Haligtree, a legacy dungeon found in the northernmost part of The Lands Between, Malenia is notorious for her difficulty and one-hit kill potential. In stats FromSoft dropped earlier this year, it had been revealed that Malenia was attempted some 329 million times. While that number doesn’t reflect player deaths, I’ve without doubt Malenia’s body count is incorporated in the millions only at that point—though struggling Tarnished could always contact Let Me Solo Her via his summon sign to obtain a little assist with the two-phased fight.

Or they might just watch Redditor RS_Lionheart for useful tips, who absolutely murked the Goddess of Rot in 15 seconds on, understand this, New Game+7, the greatest difficulty Elden Ring provides after you’ve beaten it eight times over. That’s lots of journeys through The Lands Between.

Beating Malenia the short way

In an April 20 YouTube video, RS_Lionheart displayed exactly how he bodied Malenia. He starts the clip having a dizzying variety of buffs and consumables which range from the Golden Vow (an incantation that increases attack and defense) and also the Frenzyflame Stone (a consumable that continuously restores your HP), amongst others. After almost 50 seconds of having swole via performance-enhancing goodies and rotting steroids before Malenia’s fog gate, RS_Lionheart walks into the depths from the Haligtree to start the fight. He skips the intro cutscene and finishes the very first phase of the battle in seven seconds while using cross jumping slash attack of two Bandit’s Curved Swords.

Once her famed second phase begins, RS_Lionheart throws a Freezing Pot consumable to ground Malenia, then proceeds to jump-attack the winged queen to death. The total time it took? Just a little over 15 seconds.

The Elden Ring build for beating Malenia’s ass

In Reddit messages with Kotaku, RS_Lionheart, which has 15 different characters across two accounts and nearly 2,100 hours in cheap elden ring items, explained he stacked a few different buffs to the character he imagined to be able to beat the brakes off Malenia so quickly.

“Before the start of the video, I used Seppuku twice to lower my health insurance and sorted my inventory by recent acquisition,” RS_Lionheart said. “Then, I used a Frenzyflame Stone to begin the buildup of madness, then Golden Vow. After that, I drink a Cerulean Flask and used the Ash of War: Cragblade on my small left-handed Bandit’s Curved Sword. I then switched my Dragon Communion Seal for an Antspur Rapier and used Bloodboil Aromatic.

After this, madness ought to be inflicted, so I swapped the Black Dumpling Helm towards the Mushroom Crown and drank another Cerulean Flask, then my Physick (Thorny Cracked Tear and Stonebarb Cracked Tear). Then, I inflicted poison on myself with two Roped Fetid Pots, swapped the Mushroom Crown towards the White Mask, and inflicted hemorrhaging using Seppuku again using the Antspur Rapier. Once hemorrhaging was inflicted, I swapped the Kindred of Rot’s Exultation and also the Lord of Blood’s Exultation towards the Red-Feathered Branchsword and Claw Talisman. After that, I switched the Antspur Rapier to my other Bandit’s Curved Sword and applied Cragblade again before heading with the fog gate. Also, it’s important to note the other talismans I used were Millicent’s Prosthesis and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia to enhance successive attack damage. I also wore the Raptor’s Black Feathers to improve my jump attack damage.”

According to RS_Lionheart, he’s helped a great number of other players struggling against Malenia either by placing his summon sign near her gate or offering suggestions about his YouTube channel. She already includes a massive health pool, however, in New Game+7, her HP is increased by nearly 40 %, making her even more challenging. While he couldn’t recall just how many players he’s lent his dizzying buff-based technique to, it’s not something RS_Lionheart is especially fond of doing for one reason alone: Lag.

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