Similar to it's counterpart, the Floppy Loop Shooting from Skyzhay's blog

It is highly recommended to Nba 2k22 Mt are wearing your Sharpshooter And Three-Point specialty badges to have greater chances of doing well in this exercise. This is your regular catch-and-shoot drill that will help your child have better shooting and stamina for NBA 2K22.

There are three "Work on your Game" drills you can use depending on the area on the court that you want to work on. You can focus on scoring three points from the corner, at the top of the key, or deep threes. These are ideal for helping you get the time and form on your MyPlayer.

Similar to it's counterpart, the Floppy Loop Shooting, players will just need to hit 10 threes in the span of two minutes to earn three stars on the drill that is to make sure you are catching and shooting until the timer ends. It is a fast method to earn VC and also increase your abilities in NBA 2K22.

This is a test where your player must score in the paint beginning from nine different spots on the court. Certain finishes and moves earn more points depending on the degree of difficulty. Additionally, you can earn a bonus for making consecutive shots before running out of options.

Users have the option to 2k22 mt practice layups, dunks or even hit floaters against the defense using this drill. The aim of this drill is to score as many points as you can. In order to earn three stars on this exercise, you'll be required to score at the minimum of 700 shots.

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